Friday, April 9, 2010

Curing the Recurring #2.

Today's topic: Shine (not the good kind).

No matter what skin type you have, the makeup you wear could be causing your skin to look shiny.

I was always so annoyed by this because no matter how fresh my foundation/powder was, I always appeared shiny in pictures (I prefer the word "shiny" over "oily")... I once read that just patting some translucent power around your nose, chin, and forehead would absorb the oil and it felt like it worked, but still didn't do the trick when I looked in the mirror or look back in photos.

A couple months ago, when I was at Nordstrom buying some new foundation for M.A.C., the makeup artist told me that the active ingredient in most powdered and liquid foundations is mica, which makes you look shiny. Even MINERAL makeup! I ran right home and checked the labels on all my foundation bottles and sure enough, the first ingredient listed was mica!

Mica is actually a natural mineral. It's not like some bad chemical for your face BUT when I typed it into Wikipedia and saw that the Latin derivative means "to glitter," I knew I didn't want to be rubbing that all over my face.... just sayin.

Ever since I bought my new makeup I have been very pleased with how it looks and feels on my face.


What about you? Do you shine in pictures? Does your makeup contain mica? What other brands besides M.A.C. are mica-free?

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Celebrity Style Icon.

Victoria Beckham, A.K.A. Posh Spice, is my style icon when it comes to fashion.

all images via google images

Her fashion style is the perfect blend of edgy, feminine, and classy. Perfect.

Who is your style icon?