Saturday, July 31, 2010

Celebrity Style Icon #2.

T.V. host and Fashion Expert: Louise Roe.

I was just watching the premier of her new show "Plain Jane" and realized I loved EVERYTHING she was wearing. Dresses and leggings are the two most comfortable articles of clothing (in my opinion) and heels are always a flattering accent. Maybe that's why I love her fashion...

Who is your style icon? What are your favorite comfy articles of clothing?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

cinderella's slipper.

We went camping with a bunch of college-aged people from our church this weekend (Ian is the college pastor at a church up here in portland and every-other month we go on a getaway). I hate camping. I even tried escaping heading home in the middle of the night but the gates were closed so I couldn't get out!

That's not what I wanted to write about though. When the sun was still up and the mosquitoes weren't out yet, our friend Christa shared her story with all of the girls. I arrived late, but as I sat down she was telling us about a dream she had about her wedding day and that in her dream she was wearing her wedding gown and red converse... that reminded me about my wedding shoes:

Then it made me think about how, even though all brides wear pretty much the same the same thing, shoe choices are always true to the bride's style. I've seen bare feet, flip flops, stilettos, tennis shoes, ballet slippers, etc.

What type of shoes did you wear on your wedding day? Even if you're not married yet, what shoes do you picture yourself wearing with your wedding gown?

No matter what type of timeline I put on my life, it never seems to slow down. One thing after another, you know? We have been in the process of buying our first house (!!!) which has turned from pure excitement to a headache which progressively gets worse and worse... it seems to be on the up-and-up at this point, which is why I am finally blogging again and providing a sneak peek of "our" new house : )

let's just say, its a fixer upper!