Monday, November 22, 2010


Don’t look down on me, but I decorated for Christmas ten days ago. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Thanksgiving holiday, not because I’m ungrateful, but because it reminds me of thick turtleneck sweaters and stiff khaki pants. I’m weird, I know.  But that’s why.

It also made more sense to me that since Ian was going to be gone over Thanksgiving and I would be visiting home for the week, we could enjoy it for the week prior!

The other good thing about decorating early is that I get to share my projects with you before you decorate! Who knows, it just might inspire you to do some holiday crafting : )

My first project to share is my snowflake doily project! I bought three packs of crocheted lace doilies from the Dollar Tree; two white and one tan.

Then I snipped a pretty lace ribbon the length of our mantle and tied a corner of each doily to the ribbon. 

I was sad to see the snowflakes looking extra droopy when I hung the strand to the mantle, so I had to untie and redo the same process but instead of tying just one corner, I tied two. Now they look more like snowflakes, don’tcha think?

If I were to do this project over, I would recommend maybe using smaller doilies, but I am pretty happy with the way this turned out—for only $4!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Entertain Yourself.

To mimic our L-shaped couch we decided to make some minor changes to our entertainment center. The thing looked cluttered already, with way too many storage compartments, so we just decided to chop half of them off!

Here's a nasty before picture...

With a bit of sawing, sanding, and sprucing up with paint our one-of-a-kind entertainment center now looks like this...

We still have shelving for some decor and other miscellaneous storage, but it doesn't look like a game center anymore : )

Want to know the deets? 
*The original entertainment center is the Ikea Mavas 
*The Paint color (also used on other walls in our living room) is "Suitable Brown" by Sherwin Williams
*These are the lines that we unscrewed/sawed off:

There are so many clever ways to display your TV (or hide it) whether they are traditional or not. Where do you keep your TV? Have you been working on any other fun DIY projects lately?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bird Crap.

Yep. Got these earrings and am loving them! I have been wanting some looooong feather earrings for a while now, and finally found these beauts via Bird Crap on etsy

The black and white goes with everything.
They are just plain fabulous! 

I also got these shoes... just in time for the rain. 
Still love 'em though.
Wearing them with skinny jeans and leggings.
Have you made any fabulous fashion finds lately??? Do share... I'm on a roll and wouldn't mind more!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yule Be in My Heart.

After a stressful day of hospitals and hosting, I am loving this...

please ignore the incomplete wall of clocks (we are still in the process of collecting more).

There is nothing more wintery than a burning log in the fireplace : )

I wish I could stay here