Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm sitting at the airport about to board a plane to Colorado. Actually, it's stopping in Seattle first. Then on to Colorado. I'm going there to celebrate my little cousin's sister's high school graduation.

Don't you think we could be sisters? I mean I call her my sister and stuff and she let's me borrow her clothes when I come over. Plus, I know you're still looking at this pic trying to figure out which on is me... I'm on the right. So from now on I will refer to her as my little sister. (Her name is Anneliese but I call her Ansalee.)

Anywho, here I am alone at the airport.  

I always feel awkward (I could just end the sentence there) traveling alone. There's no one to chit chat with while I redress myself and repack my bags after security. I sit by myself picking at my gourmet airport food. The rolling sound my mini suitcase makes on the breaks between tile embarrasses me. Trying to fit belongings to last a week in a tiny rolling duffle is one thing, but trying to carry it, roll it, and balance it on the escalator is another. I'm nervous to lift it into the overhead compartment and then down again. Twice because of the plane change. At first I was worried I'd forget to take my bag off the plane with me because this is the first time I'm not checking it in, but now I'm so worried about how the heck I'm gonna get that thing up and down that there's no way I'm gonna forget it. 

I need someone to dull these thoughts!

Reading this makes me feel like a spaz, but the truth is... I am.

and I'll feel crazy until I'm in bed tonight.

Boy I'm gonna sleep well.


  1. Cute blog. I'm stop by through Recording The Journey.

    New follower :)

  2. You two could definitely be sisters! Have fun in Colorado. Gotta love that fresh mountain air:-) THE craziest things always happen to me whenever I travel alone. Always makes for an adventure and some good stories though! xoxo

  3. You totally could be sisters! I am sure you will remember your bag and I bet someone will help you with your don't you worry! :) Have a blast in CO and safe travels!!!

    Liesl :)

  4. I actually love flying alone! It's my time to unwind and have uninterrupted me-time with no cell phones or internet. Hopefully you can relax on the flight! Have a great trip!

  5. Oh man I always feel you on the overhead compartment thing. usually I just ask someone. I know...thats wrong, but it is hard to hoist that heavy thing like straight above your head in a confined space!!! Safe travels!


  6. You look so much alike! I hope you have a great flight :)

  7. Hahaha I love this post. I love the part where you should just end the sentence after you feel awkward and when you said that it embarrasses you when the wheels of your suitcase roll over the tiles. You are just too cute!! Have fun!!

  8. Hope you made it back okay, love! Glad that you got a chance to go to your cousin's graduation; you two are adorable. I'm a fan of flying alone but totally understand you apprehension!
    xo Josie

  9. You look so alike! Have fun. Ive only just recently started going into cafes on my own. I feel like such a grown up :)

  10. I love travelling alone- time to myself to read and relax, and no one to have to coordinate crap with.
    Have fun at your "sister's" graduation! You guys are so cute!

  11. Loved this post, I could so relate and it made me smile to see the pic of you and one of your sisters!
    Hope you did sleep like a baby :)

  12. Aw! My cousin is practically my sister as well! There are 5 of us girls on that side of the family (no boys) so since she's an only child we adopted her into our sisterhood. Also, I love traveling alone -- I mean I like traveling with other people but the fact that I don't have to worry about another person is freeing. :) Have fun!

  13. Dude.

    I'm right there with you.

    So most of the time.. I people watch and take secret photos of them so I can giggle later.

    Is that mean?

  14. I don't like traveling alone either! It's just so lonely in airports and such by yourself. And it seems that many people are not nice to strangers these days, so it makes it hard to talk to to people.

    Thank you for letting me know about your grandpa's condos in Carlsbad, unfortunately, that would be a little too up north for us. We did find a cute little condo really near to us though and will be starting to move in June 1st!

  15. awe, so this is who it was for. she's a sweetie and yes you two could totally pass for sisters. girl, you had the extreme travel anxiety woes hey?! you handled it well i'm sure, the more you do it, the better you'll be. xo ♥

  16. oh man, I love going on trips! I hope that your luggage works out.... hahaha I love that you're worried about that.

    and being awkward? I'm the queen of it. Just so you know. You are not alone.