Monday, May 16, 2011


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Today I was informed that I have a something criminal on my record.
Whatever my "record" is.
Apparently, I'm on the run trying to get out of paying off my credit card or something wacko.
So, I don't get to put my name on the loan papers for our house.
I kept signing all the papers with our realtor, but our lender kept removing my signature from the documents. 
Today he came by to go over the final papers with us but awkwardly nodded me out of the room. Not gonna lie...

I kinda felt left out.

Once he left, Ian told me that the lender told him why I couldn't be on the loan and that it was because of my criminal credit record. And he didn't want me in the room because he wanted to tell Ian about my past without it being awkward...


This isn't just some random stranger that I'll never see again. He's a friend from church and I am soooooo embarrassed that he's been carrying around this perception of me for the last two months! 

"Hi, I'm Sarah, Pastor Ian's wife. I'm in bunches of debt/frauding people and I'm still on the run so if you could please keep it hush-hush thanks."

I. Am. Humiliated. 
But it's also kinda funny.
(And obviously a big mistake that we'll have to look into.)

On top of that he told Ian that he has not just good credit, but outstanding credit. 
I always thought I had outstanding credit too, but apparently it's so bad that I can't even scribble my name on papers for a house I'm buying with my spouse. 

1-800 bank number, we'll be calling you, pronto!

Tomorrow is our home inspection so, as long as there is nothing major and the seller doesn't back out between now and closing, THE HOUSE IS OURS! I will show pictures after closing in June. Believes it.


  1. OOh I am not on ours either. Stinky but its okay, better like that. I am excited for you guys! We are in the short sale process so just waiting and waiting...


  2. Cute hubby, Sarah! And I can say that because I have a cute hubby too :) UGH, don't crazy mistakes that aren't an easy fix drive you absolutely nuts? Do you feel completely violated?? I hope you can get everything worked out easily! From what I hear, creditors are relentless. But on a positive note, congrats on your house! Can't wait to see/hear more about it!

    amy day to day

  3. Weird, that would totally freak me out! It's exciting that the house is almost yours though!

  4. If that had been the only criminal record you have you are clean as far as I am concerned for the most part, but so sorry about the mistake! I hope all else gets worked out soon and I'm sure it will!

    Liesl :)

  5. P.S. Your hubby is adorable...I agree with Amy! :)

  6. P.S. You are adorable and your comment just cracked me up!!! :)

  7. YAY for getting your house! BOO for this story -- I'm so sorry, lady! That's brutal.
    xo Josie

  8. Very impressive with the outstanding credit! I better get mine checked again...

  9. That story was so funny to me, because credit card companies do the weirdest things. I'm sure you'll get that one zipped up quick! Once I opened a credit card in my sleep, no joke, (they called so early in the morning I was just saying "uh-huh" answering questions while I was half awake)! That credit card ended up working to my advantage when we bought our first home because I had "established credit" for many years, even though I'd never even used the card or knew I had it! haha. It was pretty funny.

    Anyway, I'm super excited for you to have a home of your own and will look forward to your home posts! :) Congrats!

  10. We just made our banking account joint and the guy gave us this huge lecture on how we both needed a credit card so we could both have credit.

    That situation sucks...especially since this guy goes to your church....but yes, it's funny too haha.

    my first giveaway :)

  11. :( Thats dumb.
    ps I really like Ians jacket

  12. Oh Noooooo! It's good you can laugh about it..but oh dear how embarrassing! x

  13. Oh haha how awkward!!!! I could only pray that I'd have the same attitude as you if that happened to me. You're amazing and I hope you get it figured sure do look like you belong on a "wanted" poster! ;) hehe Craziness! Yay! I will be praying that your inspection goes well and the seller doesn't back out!!! So close! Hooray for houses!

  14. Oh my gosh how crazy!! I wonder why it says that about you? Hopefully you didn't get your identity stolen without you realizing it or something!! What did Ian say about it to the guy? Hopefully he let him know it was a mistake. Yikes!

  15. congrats on the house! It is terribly awkward how that went, I would have felt the same way! So crazy! Hopefully you can get that fixed easily. I will be praying it can get smoothed out quickly.