Monday, September 12, 2011

the dead cat on the other side of the fence.

Lipstick: Revlon #677 "Siren", Top: H&M, Watch:Target, Jeans:f21, Shoes:Target

I felt like I was on America's Next Top Model when Ian was taking these pictures of me, remembering scenes where a model would complain about how cold the water was/how her makeup keeps getting in her eyes. 

I wasn't complaining about any of those things though. No, I was complaining about how stinky it was where I was standing. See:

I didn't know what it was (well, I thought it was Gunner's poo because he always poos in that same spot), but I just wanted to get out of there really fast.

The next day, I'm sitting at the table eating lunch and admiring our beautifully unkempt backyard when I see Gunner digging under the fence--right where I was posing the day before...
Before I go out and yell at him, I stand up to get a closer look.

Now he's tugging...really hard.

I run out and whisper a scream (because the cable guy is in our living room and I don't want to freak him out. I could tell he was already having a rough day...)

But as I run over to pull Gunner away, I take a step back because...

that smell!

Ugh. It was like I ran into a wall of stench.

I keep my feet at a distance, but I lean in as far as I can go without falling over to investigate what could possibly be hiding on the other side of the fence. 

I see nothing. I hear nothing. But I still smell something.
I tip toe up a little closer and see a fat ball of black fur. 
I run away literally ugly crying minus the tears.

Ian finally goes out to get a closer look and discovers the odorous black furry thing is the neighbors dead cat. And Gunner had been playing tug-o-war with it against the neighbor dogs. 



  1. OH NO! Did they know it was dead!?!?! That is awful!


  2. The dead cat story is terrible.

    Completely unrelated to that horrific story, your top is really cute :)

  3. Disgusting! Do you think the neighbors knew or did you have to go inform them there cat was dead? Or maybe they had already buried it but dogs had dug it up? Gross.

    I love that top. I wish we had an H&M here! You're looking lovely today!

  4. i really hope it was dead before the dogs got it.:( x

  5. Ughhhhhh. Such a sad, yucky story for such a charming outfit!
    xo Josie

  6. I love that top! Super cute! Also---gross about the dead cat! I'm sorry about the awful stench!

  7. Ugh. That is horrifying! Cringe shudder eeeeek! xoxo

  8. omg that is terrible, disgusting, and so sad!!! :(

  9. That is a funny story! So sad though! Poor little kitty!

  10. oh my gaaaah! was wondering about the 411 on this sitch. i would have lost it right then, seriously sketchy stuff. i love all fur friends and it is super sad to see any of them in such a state but my case of the sads are cheered by seeing your sweet smile. thanks for making it all better lades : ) xoox ♥