Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hair day.

Shirt + Necklaces: f21, Leggings:Target, Shoes: Urban Original, Sunnies: Jessica Simpson, Purse: Thrifted.

Have you noticed my change of hair color? 
It's been all dark since before Africa and I'm kinda loving it.
My hair was just feeling so sloppy before. And damaged. And since I figured that if the rest of me was going to feel sloppy the whole time I was in Africa, I might as well do something to help myself.
I actually see a tad bit of ombre left in there.

Well, between prepping and painting the house today, I'm getting my haircut. Just a trim and some little layers.

It's Fall now, right? Naturally, that means it's time for a new look. 


  1. You look SO beautiful. I love the little braid in your hair too!

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. nice! I'm getting a hair cut/trim tomorrow and cannot wait! hahaha I LOVE this look btw. So easy and casual, but you still look GREAT!

  3. Your shoes are KILLING ME! I love them! They are perfect for fall. Such an adorable look, Sarah! I'm so thankful it's finally fall---It's my favorite time of the year. Way to rock the look, lady!

  4. I did notice -- it's super cute, Sarah! I love the darker color on you and it's perfect for fall... And the braid is super cute!
    xo Josie

  5. ha! Ive been thinking there's something....just couldnt put my finger on it!!

  6. I think it looks great dark! Also, your bag is super cute.

  7. Love your purse!


  8. i noticed right away and love the change, appropriately autumnal and darling on you! love the shades and those fabulous booties, this look has rockstar written all over it! xoox ♥