Tuesday, September 13, 2011

little booties.

Tank: Can't remember, Scarf: Thrifted, Jeans: f21, Shoes: AGACI, Lipstick: Revlon #725 "Love that Red".

I've kind of been on a shopping kick lately. Maybe it's because Fall is approaching?
Either way, my most repetitive purchase has been booties. 
I'm obsessed, but I'm pretty convinced that I won't have to purchase any other shoes this season since I just bought them all at once. Ha. 
Literally, three pairs what?!

Also, I just posted another blog on Me & My House.


  1. super cute! and yay for your new fur baby:) puppies are the best

  2. I'm gearing up to do some serious shoe shopping soon:-) Hello alliteration! Boots boots boots! Favorite time of year! LOVE the dark hair/red lip combo for Fall:-) xoxo

  3. Hi again Sarah! Thanks for the lovely comment :) I will have to check out your other blog to see your home updates! and you haven't missed anything, we are still planning to go overseas. We can't go, though, until we're funded. So we're moving into this apartment until that times comes. It's looking like February or March we'll be heading over. Thanks for saying hello! I can't wait to hear about Africa!

  4. LOVE the booties! I'm almost ready to do all my fall shopping too!

  5. I ADORE your shoes, lady! Super pretty.
    xo Josie

  6. LOVE them. i bought steve madden ones off zappos and they didnt fit me at all. :( trying to find another brand that works for my silly feet!

  7. I love your lipstick, very bold. I always get all nervous about wearing bright lipstick.

  8. New follower! Those boots are so cute! I love your blog! Also, just followed you on Pinterest! I love that site!

  9. Love your booties and your scarf!



  10. I know fall is shopping time!! Great outfit!