Wednesday, August 31, 2011

rebuild, renew, reuse, restore.

Yesterday, Ian and I went on a "day date". At least, that's what he called it. It was really kind of cute how our plans to go to The Japanese Garden turned into five hours of walking around the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and The Rebuilding Center instead.

We started the day with a list of places we've been wanting to visit:

And ended up only make it to two of them. 

Our first stop was the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Washington County. They literally had everything there. 

Furniture and lighting...

Tile, brick, carpet, wood and laminate flooring, countertops and cabinets...

Doors, windows, and shutters...

They even had brand new outlets/outlet covers, door knobs, and other little things like that. The outlet prices were only 50 cents (+25% off). The doors range anywhere from 10-$100 but most of them are around $35. And all of the stuff is in really great condition.

We didn't end up buying anything there but we plan to go back with a list of measurements as well as a number of how many outlets we need (since our are that nasty oatmeal color and we'd prefer crisp white). 

Our next stop was the Rebuilding Center that Ian's friend, Chuck, told us about.

Some of the stuff there isn't as clean as it is at Habitat for Humanity, but they have wayyyyyy more inventory and sometimes better pricing. They had tons of lumber, lighting, toilets, tubs, cabinets, appliances, etc.. see?

Here is a door we fell in love with and almost bought, but, we didn't think it really went with our style of home : ( Maybe Chris and Becca will want it?

We found some chandeliers we wanted too, but there were just so many to choose from!

We ended up leaving with just a ladder ($6) and two buckets ($2), so we only spent $8!

Oh, and did I mention that the outside looked like an enchanted forest?!

Have you ever been to one of these stores? What would you look for at a place like this?

P.S. I added a tab at the top with pictures of our house. Sorry they aren't very good, but you'll get the idea!

i have a weekend!

Shirt: Target, Necklace:Burlington Coat Factory, Shorts: f21, Shoes:Madden Girl

[I really need to learn how to edit pics/use my cam]

The best part about my job is that they give me and Ian the same days off.
This week he had yesterday and today off.
So I do too.
He used to only have Tuesdays off and since he is a pastor and works on weekends too, we've never had two days off in a row.
Things are changing and his new day off will be Wednesdays and instead of my schedule being M, W, F, it will now be M, T, F which means that I will have two days off in a row
every week.

I just feel so giddy about this.

Here's how I plan to work it out:
Wednesdays: play/projects
Thursdays: rest

Since I've had a job, I've realized that I have a hard time resting on my off days.
Every day I'm working all I think about is what is going on at home (especially now that we own a fixer-upper). 
Whenever I have free time I find myself running to Home Goods, Ikea, thrift stores. 
Or peeling wallpaper.

Needless to say (I'm pretty sure about half that was needless), I'm happy to finally have a "weekend". 

Monday, August 29, 2011

no more strawbs.

Can you guess what I'm doing?

That's wallpaper.
And yes.
Those are strawberries.

It's me v. the strawbs tonight. 

you can never have too many blogs.

Top:Thrifted, Belt:Thrifted, Jeans: f21, Shoes:f21

Hello my Little Pretties! Has it really been a month since I last blogged? I sure have missed you gals and have been dying to catch up with you via blogland.

I am back from Africa! Have been for about twelve days now, but boy oh boy have I been busy since we got back. We got the keys to our new house the minute we arrived back and have been packing, moving, unpacking, buying and selling things on Craigslist, acquainting ourselves with the new neighbors, cooling off in front of the one fan we own, and sleeping lots and lots!

If you clicked on the link above I’m sure you’ve figured out that I now have THREE blogs. Frills is mostly about beauty and fashion, Sitting Solo is about my life in ministry, and Me and My House will be all about our new home—projects, parties, purchases, etc. I guess I like to think of my blogs as journals or photo albums, and for some reason I can’t combine all three aspects of my life into just one tiny blog. I hope you understand even though you probably think I’m cray cray.