Monday, February 6, 2012

talking to someone who gets it.

Cardigans: Thrifted, Tank: Steinmart, Liquid Leggings: YesStyle, Boots: DSW

I've been meeting with someone.
Someone that could wear the titles mentor, friend, THERAPIST. 
Her name is Tammy, and she gets it.
I mean, I like talking to Ian. And I like talking to my mom.
But sometimes I like talking to Tammy more (no offense, mom).
Because I'm basically wearing the same shoes Tam was wearing ten-ish years ago and she knows what's up.
It's like, when I think I'm going cray cray and then I think I'm even more cray for being so cray cray, I blab all my cray-ness on Tammy and she tells me I'm normal and everything is gonna be ok (but in way more profound ways).
She listens to me.
She comforts me.
She's honest with me.
She teaches me.
I think my American generation has neglected to invest in relationships with people that are more experienced than us. Talking to someone further down the road can really prevent a lot of headaches and it just makes sense. 
You think it's gonna be weird, but it's actually not.
So who can you talk to? 


  1. I love your feather tank! It is really beneficial to have a neutral, wise, more experienced person to help you through life sometimes. I have had people like that everywhere I have lived and upon moving to Milwaukee I am still waiting for a person to have that place in my life.

  2. Lovely shirt :)

  3. First of all I love the top you're wearing! SO CUTE.
    Also, I love the fact that you say cray cray, because I say cray cray and you've just made me feel less cray cray for saying it. So thank you ;)

    Happy Monday, girl!

  4. i have to admit, all the cray cray talk made a me laugh a wee-bit, even if it wasn't your intention (: i agree, i think we neglect so much the advice of people who have walked in our shoes- it's so nice to be able to find someone who can help you out! who do i talk to? my momma and best friends- but boy, would i love a pseudo therapist... happy monday! love the outfit- that blue is RIDIC.

  5. nothing is better than a mentor!!!

  6. This is so awesome and true :) I think you really do need someone to say "don't worry, it passes" if they've been through it before you :) It's always so important to talk to people with more experience who really understand you life. I've been blessed with so many mentors who have been through what I'm going through and have come out the other side!


  7. So glad that I stumbled across your blog today! This outfit is lovely - the bold colors look great together. I love the print of your tank. And that's great! I agree that sometimes it helps to have a third party to share things about your life with. They can offer perspectives that you might have never considered. :)

    Callie @

  8. I think that is one of the best things about being part of a church family for me. I love getting to know older women who I can look to as mentors or even just as friends.

  9. Adorable outfit. I can't believe that cardigan is thrifted! Beautiful!

  10. I'm a big supportive of having an outside source. I was fortunate to be born into an amazing family and to have found such great "family by choice," but sometimes I need an outside mind to soothe mine! I feel you! AND... you look beautiful!

  11. I feel the same way. And i LOVE those boots

  12. LOVE that top.

    And good for you for finding someone to talk to who is helping you out. It's so important to have someone like that in your life!

  13. I am so glad for you sweetie! EVERYONE needs to feel understood and guided through things, sometimes that is the ONLY way Not to feel, as you say "cray cray."

  14. I am so glad for you sweetie! EVERYONE needs to feel understood and guided in order to Not feel so, as you say, "cray cray."

  15. love the blog doll! can't wait to read more!
    stumbled onto your page while "blog" walking and thought i would say a little hello!

    newest follower! ♥
    follow back?

    hugs, xo!

  16. I love the print on your top. And I totally agree that having someone to talk to, someone who gets you, is so vital!

  17. It's always important to have someone to bounce thoughts off of - and a good friend will let you gab their ear off anyday. And it seems like that's what you and Tammy have!

    Great boots - they look uber comfy!


  18. Love all the bright colors you've been wearing!! :)

  19. What an honest post. I have always loved being able to call ladies who are 15 and 25 years older than I am friends. Priceless! Lord knows I don't know the right thing to do most of the time. Glad you have her! :)

  20. I love, LOVE that tank top!
    xo Josie

  21. I completely understand how you feel. People do not invest time in each other anymore, but they do a lot of texting, tweeting and facebooking - this is why I am off of fb (for my personal account). Too much pretend friendship and narcissists.

    Well, so glad you found a real friend. They are hard to find.

    Gorgeous outfit. I always enjoy your fun layering.

  22. That's awesome that you have someone like that you can talk to, I've always wanted a mentor but have never really found anyone close to me i feel comfortable talking with.

  23. I think it's great that you're able to talk to someone like that. Is it through your church? We all need someone who "gets" us.

  24. I love that tank! i wouldn't have thought to pair it with a cobalt cardi but I LOVE it.

  25. This post brought tears to my eyes. My very best friend, whom I used to call "my friendship soulmate" passed away in November, and she was that person. It just did not matter how crazy I would think that I was going, she just got it no matter what. You are very lucky to have Tammy :-)

  26. I used to actually see a therapist in college as part of some project we had to do. I actually looked forward to yapping away with a stranger...sometimes I feel like we can tell our friends everything....but then I also feel like maybe we shouldn't? Currently I am in the "I don't want to talk to anyone" phase..