Wednesday, March 21, 2012

he never stops pursuing me.

Blouse: J. Crew thrifted, Leggings: YesStyle, Boots: Nordstrom.

Tonight we're going to a hotel just because.
Hotels are kind of our thing and even though this one isn't far beyond town, it's still special.
Special because Ian planned it all by himself since I've been saying that I want to stay at a hotel. 
He's just the sweetest in the world and he always finds ways to make me feel special.
Wait for a  gentleman like mine, ladies. They're out there, I promise!


  1. cute cute cute. have fun!
    those boots are great

  2. Love the idea of going to stay at a hotel as a little getaway! Have a lovely time! :)

  3. Have fun :)

    Love your boots!

  4. congrats on the pregnancy!! just found out now, and i'm super happy for you! enjoy the process!! <3 linds of

  5. Great, enjoy your stay! I know how lucky we are to have such gentlemen who complete us!

  6. this is too sweet! i'm always telling justin we should escape to the beach for a night.. it's only 1 hour away! i hope you guys have SO MUCH FUN! (:

    nice boots!

  7. That's so sweet! And I love your boots.
    xo Josie

  8. These boots make me seriously happy! Like, I desperately want them on my feet NOW! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  9. Awwwwwwwwwww.. You lucky lucky girl!!! He sure is sweet :)

    Nice pair of boots girl!! :)

    Maybe you'd like to see my new post!

  10. umm, those boots are just so fabulous! loving your entire outfit girl!
    and going to a hotel just because is the best!! have fun!
    xo TJ

  11. We like to go to hotels, too! There's no cleaning to be done, you get a free breakfast and access to a pool and hot tub : It's so relaxing.

  12. You look so gorgeous! I just discovered your blog and I am loving it.