Monday, March 5, 2012

how this baby came to be.

A few of you asked just where this baby came from...

Was it a surprise?
Were we "trying"?
How long did it take?

*When I hear about the battle of conception happening in other women's lives, I feel guilty for my story.  Maybe it will offer you the little bit of hope you need to keep your chin up!

Around Christmas time, Ian and I started seriously considering starting a family. We kept going back and forth but ultimately concluded that a baby would be wayyyyyy better than any reason we could think of to delay it.
I used the Lady Timer app to track my fertility/ovulation (I obviously recommend it), and by the time I ovulated in January, I was pregnant! 
When I didn't start my cycle on the day I would've (January 28) I took a test and within seconds it came up +!
We were ecstatic when we found out and drove down that day to our parent's to tell them the news.
Another bonus is that some of our best friends found out they're pregnant five days before we did! 

The truth is, I just feel so incredibly blessed! 
I'd always feared that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant (probably because I wanted it so bad).
Not to mention, the miracle that it is; everything has to collide at the perfect moment in time in order to form a tiny human...
I will love this baby no matter what.
Not just because I'll be it's mom and that's what moms say, but because I feel so honored that God is entrusting me with this gift of life (despite the ever-expanding waist that comes with it ;)

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  1. How exciting congrats! At first I was nervous you were really going to tell us how the baby came about.. Haha!

  2. CONGRATS!!!
    Having a baby is the greatest blessing.
    We just welcomed our baby boy about a week ago, and he brings us so much happiness!

  3. So excited for you! You are gonna have the most stylish baby ;)

  4. oh this is such happy news (: i know people can struggle with conception (and i often fear when the times come that we won't be able to get it right or conceive) so this is WONDERFUL news!

    seriously so excited for you guys (:

  5. Love this! Thanks for sharing Sarah! :)

  6. congrats, that is so exciting! it's so nice it happened so easily!

  7. A baby is a precious gif... congrats! :)

  8. Congrats what an exciting time!

  9. Awwwwwwwww.. COngratulations hon!!!! May you be blessed with healthy and cheerful baby :)

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  10. Congratulations!!!! So exciting. And your teensy baby bump is precious!