Thursday, May 24, 2012

my sister came to visit.

{20.5 weeks}

Bracelets: don't remember, Dress: f21, Shoes: JC Penny

My sister-lady came up last minute on Tuesday night because we missed each other.
She spent all day Wednesday ripping wallpaper out of our baby room with us and then she got me some decaf coffee. I insisted on paying but she was like "No, I'll just get it. You let me stay here and everything." Then she asked if she should empty the dishwasher since she already scrubbed the dirty dishes.... That girl! She was such a pleasant house guest. 

My family is always doing stuff like that whenever they come stay with us. Last time my parents were here my dad went to Home Depot early in the morning to get us some bark dust, a drill, some wood stain, some work gloves, and a bunch of other things. We asked to see the receipt so that we could pay them back and he was like "Well, why don't you just give me $50 and we'll call it even." That didn't even cover half of all that he bought us! He'd spent all day drilling holes and installing our knobs in the kitchen and then he bought and cooked us salmon for dinner. 

And do I need to remind you of the last time my in-laws were here? Ian and his dad spent ten hours ripping up the overgrown bushes in our front yard while my mother-in-law took me to the mall and totally spoiled me with "maternity clothes" even though I was like six weeks pregnant and didn't need a thing! 

Not gonna lie, sometimes family overwhelms me. But every time I start to stress or get annoyed with how involved family can be, I remind myself of how blessed I am to have a family that cares about me and what I do. They love me and I love them. 


  1. You are just such a cute pregnant lady! And, I really needed to hear that stuff about just being thankful that family cares, because I've definitely felt that way recently. Good outlook girl !

  2. family is THE BEST!

    but so is this bump of yours (: i just want to rub it and kiss it (in a non creepy way.. but maybe in a creepy way, too)

  3. LOOVVEE this outfit! neutrals look great on you


  4. Sounds like a super sweet family :)

    Also, love your shoes!

  5. Hi Sarah! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

  6. Sounds like your family loves you. :) You look so cute!

  7. Just wait 'til the babes gets here...the overabundance of love is sooooo overwhelming:-) Parents/Family are the best! Makes me kinda excited in a weird way, to get old and bless my kids in the same way! xoxo

  8. im totally with you..... but family IS a blessing, whether or not we always want to see it that way =)

  9. Family is the BEST. You're lucky to have such a great one! And I love your dress!
    xo Josie