Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a permanent dinner guest.

When we moved in, we had this little number hanging out with us at every meal:

I quickly took off those mini lampshades which left a plainer looking chandelier that I planned to spray paint. Then our friends Chris and Becca gave us their old chandelier but we never got around to spraying or hanging that one either because I had something else in mind.

I've been eyeing the Orbit Chandelier from Z Gallerie for about a year now.
Z Gallerie is one of those stores that I always walk through but rarely ever buy anything from. They have some of the most beautiful and unique items in there, but I feel like I could DIY many of them with a thrifted purchase and a can of spray paint.
But there was no chance I'd be thrifting this light! 
The original price of $299 is pretty hefty compared to what I normally like to spend on household items, but we figured we'd just put this under our minimal list of "splurges". 
I was about to head to Z Gallerie when I just thought I'd check on Craigslist just in case. 
Sure enough, this shiny little baby was looking for a new home for the price of $250.
I of course negotiated the price down to $200 and thought that was a steal ($100 off!) 
Normally I hate the hassle of coordinating a Craigslist purchase, but this one was worth it to me and the seller was by far the most normal person we have ever bought anything from on Craigslist! 

See how she glows in the night...

Oh, and here's me!

There's probably about 15-20 bulbs on this thing and they're all half-masked like this to keep it from being too bright:

And here is the shot of the room...

We plan to get a little medallion like this to fancify and blend where the fixture meets the ceiling.
And maybe one day we'll do away with the popcorn ceilings too.

Oh, and did I mention how pretty she looks from outside?! Especially when it's dark...

Do I even need to explain that we are no where near having the dining room of our dreams? There is soooooo much we still need to do in there like paint, get new chairs, hang new wall decor, etc.
But I do have the chandelier of my dreams! 


  1. Awesome chandelier! I like the last pic best with your cute fur baby peeking out the window :)

  2. Haha your dog looks adorable in that last photo! Great work with the lights, much better than before! x

  3. Love that chandelier! So simple with a unique touch of style!

    You could further spice up the look by spray painting the chairs in some great color - it would look refreshed and fun! Just an idea... :)

  4. WOW! It's absolutely beautiful!
    xo Josie