Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the time i crashed a uhaul.

Denim Jacket: Old Navy thrifted, Lace blouse: F21, Jeans: Kate Jeans thrifted, Shoes: Urban Original, Purse: Vintage D&B

When Ian and I moved from our two bedroom apartment to our one bedroom apartment (within the same complex) we rented a Uhaul. Might seem pathetic since we literally drove across the parking lot to get to our new place, but it kept things easy and it was only $40.
When we went to pick up the truck, Ian realized that he left his wallet back home and so I was gonna have to be the Uhaul driver back to the apartment...
I absolutely HATE driving any vehicle that isn't mine because it just makes me nervous. Like everything else in life...
But so anyway, we did the inspection where we write down all the knicks on the truck so that we aren't blamed for them when we bring it back and then we finally drive off.
I know I'm referring to this Uhaul as a "truck" but don't picture a little pickup. Picture one of those huge moving semi-trucks that companies deliver furniture in.
Since Ian knew I was nervous, he drove his unlicensed self right behind me the whole time. 
We made it safely back to the apartments and I went to park it so that he could do the whole reverse-up-the-driveway-for-easy-loading thing that I'm not good at. 
The only problem is that I ever so confidently pulled into a covered parking spot... And like slow motion, rammed the top of the truck on the roof of the parking spot.
Ian was still behind me watching this whole matter take place. And I just looked out the window like "eek... did that just happen???"
I tried blaming it on him for not honking at me when he realized what I was doing, but the truth is, I should have realized what I was doing... Hahaha!
Luckily the edges of the Uhaul are protected by metal so there was no damage done.
Unless you count a bruised ego on my part.


  1. I just moved to a new city last weekend, and my boyfriend drove the Uhaul (thank goodness). The trip went perfectly until we stopped to fill up the gas before turning in the truck, and while navigating the gas pumps, my boyfriend rammed the side of the truck onto a pole at the gas station! (We're talking one wheel completely off the ground, and a GIANT dent). He had a pretty bruised ego, too.

    The good news was - there was already a small dent where the bigger dent occurred, so we had marked it as damaged already. Good thing, too, since I didn't get the insurance! :)

  2. HAHA that's something i would totally do. every time we go to visit my in-laws, they try all this car swapping and it stresses me out. i HATE driving other people's cars, too!!

  3. Lovely outfit! I can't believe you crashed a uhaul! LOL! I'm super fearful of wrecking something that I don't own (i.e. a rental car, etc). So scary! xoxo A-

  4. Whoops! But you look fabulous - I love how these three pieces work together!

  5. amazing look, the red jeans are the best

    love your blog, definitely going to be a new follower!

    from, helen at

  6. Oh, no! I'm glad there wasn't any damage!
    xo Josie

  7. I have nightmares about driving my friends' cars...I never really drove a car that was not mine...and I would never drive a Uhaul...but sometimes little accidents happen and as long as you are is just a funny story of life.