Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a few days together.

Ian had yesterday, today, and tomorrow off from work so we are spending them together doing fun things!
Yesterday we stayed around the house mostly, just tidying up and doing little things. We also rested because this mama was getting a sore throat. 
Last night we had our neighbor-friend over for dinner and she brought her two puppies to play with Gunner. It was such a blast and quite a zoo with three crazy dogs running around all night! Haha! 
Anyway, after observing our love for anything vintage, she told me about a vintage fabric store that she loves to go to called Knittn' Kitten. It was a tiny little place in the middle of nowhere but it had so many cute things and SUCH great prices! 

There were so many great fabrics to choose from, but since I don't really know how to sew/my sewing machine is broken, we left with just this orange corduroy fabric for our dining room chairs. AND we got 3 yards for just $9!

Our next stop was Vintage Pink on Hawthorne. This is one of our favorite stores around here and we always leave with something! 

I'm obsessed with anything brass and gold is my favorite color so, it's no surprise that this little brass bird caught my eye. He was only $20 but we passed.

I'm also a sucker for retro/vintage chairs and this one was my fave:

I'm pretty sure this is just a vintage planter with fresh succulents that I could make myself for a much lesser price tag, but the colors made me drool so I had to snap a pic.

And here is my handsome prince modeling for me.

In the end we walked out empty handed but then went back after lunch to get this guy:

Yep, a glass he-she head that cost us $15 and now lives on our dining room table. Although I'm uncertain of his vintage-ness, I die for anything odd/unusual, so we had to go back and buy it. Also, the bottom of his/her neck is open so it could be fun to stuff him full of seasonal decor or something... 

After Vintage Pink we tried out Portland's American Dream Pizza. Corvallis (our hometown) houses two American Dream's and we were curious to see if Portland's was the same. Although it has a different menu, it tasted almost identical! It is by far the best pizza I've had since we moved here.

Our last [unexpected] stop was Sesame Donuts. A place we drive by all the time but have never actually tried. It was of course, tres delicious! 

We came home and Ian napped. And I ran to JC Penny's (MY NEW FAVORITE STORE EVER) to get a dress I can fit into. Then, thanks to a friendly neighbor, we explored our neighborhood forest and picked the only ripe blackberries there were. 

It ended up being such a fun day with Ian. We both just kept saying "Wow, this is just the best day."
The weather was gorgeous, the shopping was thrifty, and the food was tasty.
Recipe for a great day, I'd say!

Tomorrow we're going to the lake to lounge and play.
And we also booked our anniversary trip to Seattle last night! That's not until September, but I am just GIDDY with excitement : ) 

Hope you had a wonderful day too!


  1. sounds like a fantastic day!
    love that glass head, i think its awesome!


  2. these pictures are FANTASTIC!!! i love them! did you end up getting a 50 mm lens, or is this the lens the camera comes with?

  3. great shots! what kind of camera did you end up buying and whats the aperture set to?

  4. A donut stop? Helllooo, delicious! So glad you two got some time together!
    xo Josie

  5. Sounds like a great day! And I have to say, I'm with you on the JC Penney thing. I used to not be able to find anything there, and recently they have so much great stuff! And their prices are better now too! Suddenly, I bought four tops there in one month, haha.

  6. I love days like the one you had! However, my real comment is I LOVE JC PENNEY NOW TOO!! I have written several posts on my style goals for fall 2012 and JC Penney is the primary store I will be going to on tax free weekend in NC. (I'm giddy for that!) Glad you had an awesome day and hope you both enjoy the lake.


  7. What a nice day! I love that chair, a lot.

  8. Love days like those. :) I will have to check out a few of the stores you went to since I live in the area! I've heard of knitten' kitten, but wasn't sure if they actually had any clothes there or if it's just fabrics and such?

    Lindsay @

  9. I love JCpenney...most of my shoes come from there...I do get made fun of going there by my friends...they just don't know what they are missing out on! ;-)

  10. I love those odd/random days of quality time. LOVE it!

  11. just a friendly fyi on the glass head thing - i bought mine (seen in one of my latest posts on my tumblr blog next to my favorite aqua lamp) at pier one in spring of 2011. :)