Friday, July 13, 2012

the creepers in my yard.

Hat: H&M, Top: Old Navy, Shorts: Nordstrom, Shoes: Urban Original, Earrings: Forever 21

We came home late the other night (like 12:30am) and Ian found some people in our yard.
I had already gone inside, but he was letting Gunner out one last time when he happened upon three dark shadows in our side yard.
Luckily they were females, which made it a little less creepy??? 
They said they were just trying to prank our neighbor (a young single guy mindlessly playing video games in the window that faces our house), and their Nerf guns, war paint, and giggles proved it to be true. 
Ian came inside and told me what he'd found and when he went back out to close the garage door they were scheming on our driveway... 
They frantically explained that they'd exhausted all their options in trying to scare our neighbor and were now asking Ian's advice as to what to do next.
Ian didn't have an answer, but I say they should start by getting off our property! 
Harsh? Only because they are young (probably my age) giggly girls.
But things would not be as funny under any other circumstance or had my brave husband not seen them before I did and inquire about what they were up to!


  1. That would creep me out too! I am such a wuss when my husband isn't home, if there were people in my back yard you better believe I would be calling the police.

    You look so cute, loving those shorts..they look comfy

    Lindsay @

  2. they are so lucky they didn't do that at my house!! My husband would have come outside with his shotgun!

  3. Omg! That would have creeped me out a bit.

    Love the outfit you look so adorable.. The hat looks great too!

  4. That is so weird! Yesterday, I opened our garage to leave and some lady's dog, AND HER were in the MIDDLE of our lawn... not like she was a few steps onto our lawn, but like closer to our house than the sidewalk!!! And when I walked out and looked at her, she just glared at me and made absolutely no attempt to move whatsoever! I stared her down for a good 4 minutes before she sauntered out of our yard and accross the street. And then she had the nerve to turn around and glare at me every few steps while I watched her until she was 2 blocks away and around the corner!!! Um, hello, you're on MY property, you don't get to be annoyed at me when you're the one being creepy and RUDE!!!

  5. Totally weird, I would be really creeped out by that! And I love your shorts!

  6. That is pretty scary. Glad you guys are OK. Just came across your blog and you are absolutely gorgeous! Like Arnold Schwarzenegger says: I'll be back.

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  7. I'm new to your blog (or so I thought) until I read your "love story"...I remember reading it a while ago and now you guys are having a baby!!? How exciting..congrats! I'm glad I found your blog again and I'll be following! *And you make such a cute pregnant gal! :)

  8. You are rocking this outfit my dear!!! The poses, that baby, you make them all look so good! :) (and yes, that's weird to find people in your yard...)

  9. Oh goodness... sounds like something my friends and I would do, except as soon as I got busted I would start bawling my eyes out. Also, I LOVE the shorts!

  10. BEYOND strange. I love this color on you!
    xo Josie

  11. Oh that is funny!! I just have to tell you that you write exactly how you talk and it's hilarious. Although knowing you through your blog is not half as fun as being with you in person :). Glad I got to see you last night! You are so fun and adorable :)

  12. Michael already told some teenage boys to get off our property before. They were just goofing off but still! We don't know them and people need to respect that it's your house. Or maybe I am just a grouchy neighbor? Haha.