Monday, July 16, 2012

my africa dress.

Dress: Marshall's, Shoes:

As a cheapy I purchased for Africa last year, I don't particularly love this dress, which is big for me to say with a mother who taught me never to buy a thing I don't love.
Since I wore a t-shirt over it in Africa, I never noticed the perfect placement of those flowery things across the bosom...
Let's just say I feel a little bit like The Little Mermaid. 
And let's just say I did a little bit of adjusting before these pictures were taken.
Why the heck am I wearing it if I don't love it and I have to twist it all around??? 
It's one of the only things that fits me these days, especially when I don't want to wear pants in this heat we've been having. Plus, I should be honest and say that since Africa, I have grown to love this dress. 
If only for the memoriezzz.


  1. haha the little mermaid! I totally could see why you would feel that way.

    You look gorgeous though!

  2. I think it's cute! I didn't want to buy a bunch of maternity clothes so I definitely pulled things from the back of my closet to wear while pregnant too.

  3. Girl that dress looks so adorable on you! See me I couldn't pull it off dresses like that don't look right on me,but it looks so cute on you! Love the sandals too super cute!

  4. Too funny! At least it's comfy though right!?

    xo Hannah
    Runaway Style

  5. Sarah- you are so unbelievably gorgeous! I'm just waiting for the day that you confess that you actually have a stylist, hair and make-up artist, interior designer and personal assistant hidden in your closet that help make you and your home so beautiful! Ha ha. :) Also, I pray that I am a quarter as cute and lovely when I am pregnant as you are! Love you!

    Molly Holmes

  6. I think you totally pull it off! AND it looks super comfortable which I imagine is a higher and higher priority with the heat. :)

  7. despite the fact you don't like the dress too much, you look radiant! Rock it, girl!


  8. This is so cute and how great that it holds all those memories!
    xo Josie

  9. You look so cute :)

  10. i really love the patterns on the dress! the dress is perfect dress for being pregnant since you can still wear it when you get a bit bigger but great when your not pregnant too!

  11. You look wonderful in that dress. I have a similar one, but I like the pattern of yours so totally better! :)