Monday, October 22, 2012

saying yes.

Necklace: BCF, Chambray: thrifted, Cardigan: Old Navy, Pants: Levi's, Shoes: Trouve from Nordstrom, Purse: D&B

Remember that project I started last Monday to better love my husband?
The assignment was to make space for him to rest and take a break from the honey-do list.
Did you participate too? How'd it go?
Like I said in that post, I knew it was going to be a challenge for me since we were just starting week two as parents. But, I used that to my advantage by going straight to the kitchen after Greyer's morning feeding (that he sleeps right after so my hands were free) to make some breakfast for my lover before he even knew I was up!
I made him a little breakfast sandwich and coffee just the way he likes it-- with lots of cream-- and delivered it to him on a tray in bed.
He acted surprised (even though I know he read my blog about it ahead of time) and I played along.
Then I rubbed his shoulders.
He'd been wanting to watch the season premier of his favorite show so we made plans to have a lazy day watching our shows on our laptops (box-shaped)
I also purposed not to make any nagging remarks about him being on his phone (also box-shaped) as much as I usually do. I'm not sure he noticed that one, but I think I'll stick to it : ) 

This weeks assignment is to say yes to your husband as much as possible.
As long as what he suggests is "not immoral, illegal, or life-threatening, say yes."
The author addresses the possible issue of your husband being afraid to ask you for anything because he is used to getting shot down by your predictable answer of no
If this is the case in your relationship, offer to do that one thing he used to ask of you. 
Make your yes more believable by telling him you already freed up your schedule to make time for him. 
Make the first move and offer to go on a run with him, watch that movie with him, or work on the yard with him.

It's not too late to join me in better loving the men in our lives. Will you try this at least once with me?

Are you totally lost and have no idea what I'm talking about? Read about it here.

Here's a pic of me and my cutie boy at the donut shop on his one week birthday:

Also, CopyCat Friday is this Friday! 


  1. Does rearranging out (box shaped) bedroom count? He would not sit down and relax all weekend for the life of me. Stubborn man.

  2. I love this idea.. I missed out on week one, but I'm going to give it my best shot to say "yes" this week. Thanks for sharing..! and cuuuuute little boy. Congratulations to you both :)

  3. Sarah, this is such a great project! And what better time to start than when your world is turned upside down with a newborn. Good for you!

    Also, I just wanted to mention that I'm super proud of you for jumping right back into fashion blogging. Mostly, it's impressive that you're not spending these first few weeks (or months) in sweats. I see so many moms do that, and I just wish I could explain to them how much better you feel and how much better of a mom you can be when you take some time for yourself every day! Plus, it makes you a better wife, makes you feel more confident, and just makes your life better all around, I think. So good job, girl!

    p.s. Greyer is so darling!

  4. I have to say that the last photo is so. Freaking. Cute.
    xo Josie

  5. you look awesome! the hair and the whole outfit! I hope you are getting enough sleep!!! :)

  6. Greyer is such a cutie! I'm also impressed that you have gotten back into blogging so quickly. There is something about getting out of sweats and putting yourself "together" for a day that lifts your mood/spirits. I've found this so true as someone that works from home, it can be easy to get sucked into staying in your sweats around the house as I'm sure it would be so easy to do with a new baby. Go you!

  7. you seriously look so great girlie! your little boy is the cutest. i am really trying to take all your advice and do the extra for my hubby. thanks for sharing your heart! xoxo

  8. so glad i found your blog via jillian at faith that laughs. you are precious!!! and gorgeous.

  9. Aww, what a sweet one-week birthday photo! Love the color palette going on here too. Perfect for fall.

  10. Look at you, already posing and blogging!! I was totally in PJ's the first week or two after having Emily. You look great! Did you notice the man inside the donut shop? He looks like he is taking your picture!

  11. I love this post and have really been trying to work on my relationship with my fiance. we want to make sure that our relationship is strong and secure before we get married next year and i have bene looking for ways to do that. I can relate to your husband not asking you things because he expects a certain answer - mine does the same. I think I will be be buying the book you are reading and I will join you on the mission to make our men happier!!


  12. You seriously look amazing for just having a baby! I love that we have such similar styles and your outfits inspire me to change up items in my wardrobe


  13. i LOVE this series idea! so excited to do it! what a FANTASTIC idea!

  14. Love it! Yes I did the "Recharger box" & "Saying Yes"'s been a huge blessing. Thanks again for doing this each week! You can read about it here:

  15. Wow...this is such an awesome thing that you're doing Sarah. What a great example to share this with other married women. Thank you for the encouragement!!

    p.s. LOVE this outfit.