Monday, October 15, 2012

wowing him.

Jacket: f21, Tee: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Last time I posted about my husband, Ian, a couple of you mentioned that you'd love to see more of his outfits.
He thinks that's funny since he was wearing his "scrubs" in most of the pics (basketball shorts, tees, and slippers).
But since I think he has great style and love getting inspiration for him, I talked him into sharing some of his style with the rest of you : )

On the topic of my husband, one of my biggest fears with having a baby was that I'd love him less. 
That all my attention and affection would be for my new baby.
It seems like that happens a lot, ya know?
I've seen a lot of young moms that seem so completely obsessed with their child (which I totally am by the way...) that the husband is kind of forgotten or something.
So, going into this whole parenting thing I was determined not to let that happen to me.
I believe that the best gift I could ever give my child is a healthy and thriving relationship between his parents and that needs to start the minute he is born if we ever want it to work!  
I'm already feeling like I'm loving on Greyer so much that I end up giving my leftovers to Ian if anything at all. 

The good news is that these pictures were taken on our date night a couple days ago. We'd only been parents for four days, but figured the sooner we left Greyer, the easier it would be to make time for each other in the future. So we left Greyer with my mom for an hour and headed to the cafe around the corner and talked about Greyer the whole time. I even cried because I missed him so much... hahaha.

Anywho, all that to say that I am starting a "project" today, to help love my husband better and never let that passion die. 
Every Monday, for the next year, I will refer to a chapter in this book (don't mind the hideously cheesy cover) to guide me in specific ways to do so.
And I will be sharing those with you each week to keep me accountable! 
If you have a significant other in your life, will you join me? 
Even if you don't have a baby, our men always desire to be noticed and respected by his wife.

This week's chapter is called "The Recharger Box". All about how our husbands need to find rest in their wife. The author jokes that most men go to box-shaped things to recharge when he feels stressed out (i.e. the T.V., newspaper, garage, Xbox, the bed...)

The wow assignment this week is to find out what your husband's favorite easy box is and free him up to do whatever he wants. You could make it extra special by serving him breakfast in bed one day with a little thank you note for all he does and maybe even a gift card of some sort to push him to actually take the day off from the honey-do list-- guilt free! 

This is going to be hard for me as we are only entering into week two of having a baby and I feel like I need all the help/extra arms I can get in order to get anything done myself. 
This'll be good for both of us though because the more rested he is, the less stressed he will be, and the better he can help me and love me in the ways that I need too! 

P.S. Birth story coming tomorrow! 


  1. What a great post - this speaks to me so much. I don't have a baby (yet) but I often feel like life makes me semi-forget about my husband. In church last week we talked about being 100% spouses, and sometimes I feel like I'm nore like a 50% spouse, maybe less. But I love the idea of allowing yourself to be aware that we need to appreciate each other, and then to do some semi-random act of kindness on their behalf.


  2. I love this idea! I think I may purchase this book on my Kindle and do the same thing. Maybe we can link up for it. Can't wait to hear about Greyer's venture into the world tomorrow!

  3. I will absolutely be doing this with you. I am so obsessed with making sure our girls see a healthy relationship so they know what to look for, that im always looking for new ways to re-energize our relationship. :) count me in!

  4. Love this!!!! I will join you on this journey. I'll post for my husband today! Great idea Sarah...your perspective is right on.

  5. Even though I'm not currently in a relationship/married I think you have made a fabulous point Sarah! I've seen this happen with friends and family after having kids, and I think it's great your going the extra mile to give your relationship %100. Good luck with your "project"! Cant wait to hear your birth story..I'm a sucker for those! :)

  6. What an awesome idea and amazing opportunity to love & respect our husbands more. I'm in mama, this has come at a perfect time & I feel like he really needs I need to constantly be working on loving him & respecting him better.

    So excited. I will have to get the book too!

    Can't wait to hear your birth story. Makes me so excited!!!!

  7. having a new baby is so hard, but it's SO SO great to have someone by your side to help and lend an ear because no one knows what you're going through except each other. I remember every night my husband would come home, i would just cry on his shoulder for an hour. (thank you postpardum hormones) keep up the good work and good job and working on giving him the extra attention now!

  8. Such a great post and exercise to do each week. Does your hubby know you started this or are you going to work on it solo?

  9. I so needed to read this. Having a baby has not been the easiest thing on our marriage (Ruth has NEVER been a sleeper-literally slept only 3 hours the first night she was born...I thought that was impossible but she has been proving us wrong for 8 months now:)). It is so easy for me to get on the crazy cycle because of being worn out and being needy. Last night I chose joy and it so set me free and thus, this was exactly what I needed to read and what I need to do next to keep on the joy track :)
    PS: Your husband was part of a story that made me cry about a man named Dustin-I am hoping he told you because it is pretty awesome how great and godly your husband is.
    Let me know if you need anything!!!!!!!!

  10. I'm on board with this project! I have definitely shared that same concern and I'm eager to find new ways to keep our love alive.

  11. Such a good reminder. Thank you for sharing! You are such a good mama and wife. :) xoxo

  12. ok seriously totally needed to read this right now. thank you so much for posting you have no idea. we have been having a little rough patch and this is exactly what i needed to read. to remind me of things. even the little things. i think i will add that book to my christmas list :) my husband is pretty scared to have a child because he thinks i will ignore him 100%, so i think the stronger our love and passion is now, the more chance it will stay.

  13. This is so nice. I'm pregnant with our first child and I hadn't even thought of that as something that I may face... I'm so happy that I came across this (my husband will be too!). I only started reading your blog, but I really enjoy it. Thanks again!