Monday, November 5, 2012

wedding gifts.

{engagement photo by Bethany F.}

Sooooo, I could lie and tell you that last weeks wow assignment came easy.
but it was the hardest week.
The book talked specifically about depression, but the title was called "New Attitude" and I knew what that meant for me.
I was not as down this week, but 10x the emo. 
Is there a difference?
There is, and I shouldn't go into all the details on the worldwide web, but my poor attitude came mostly from anger. 
Sure there were things that were making me angry, but Greyer's compromised sleeping pattern has been the biggest contributor. 
I'm not angry that he's not sleeping as well-- I actually feel sorry for him. It's just that I'm not sleeping as much and that has been causing some majorrrrrrr meltdowns ova here.
Sooooooo... still working on that one.

This weeks chapter is called "Wedding Gifts". All about remembering back to when you were first together. There's more, but that's the gist.

And the assignment is to remember when you were first newlyweds. Look through old pictures and think about what is different and if there is anything you'd like to change now to make it feel like you were newlyweds again. If you are a newlywed, you can compare life now to how things were when you were first together, or even look at those who have been married longer and decide which couples have marriages you want to emulate.

The date idea for this week is to sit down with your husband and write down what a typical day looked like in your first year of marriage. Chances are, you did everything you could together. Plan a day to do things together.

Here are some pics of our first year together:

{wedding day}

{honeymoon in maui}

{pumpkin patch}


{first of many blazer games together}

{the first college retreat in portland}

{1 year anniversary in Cancun... with a monkey}

wow (literally).
these pictures, and more specifically our giddy expressions in these pictures, bring me warm fuzzies.


  1. SO CUTE! I love the idea of looking back. This is such a sweet post :)

  2. Love these pictures! I love to look back at my wedding pictures and remember that say! so in love! Praying your little man gets on a better sleep schedule! xoxo

  3. Thanks for sharing Sarah! Being newly engaged this got me thinking. I hope that little guy of yours sleeps well tonight (and you too!).

  4. So sweet. I love this, Sarah! Love the vulnerability and honesty :]

  5. Your pictures from your first year together are very cute! This week's assignment will be fun. It's great to hear how you are growing & learning, it encourages me. May you experience grace as a new mom. I will pray for Greyer's sleep. :)

  6. i lOVE this, sarah. it's been such a great challenge for us. jay and i do a "marriage check in" once a month and when we were talking about 3 good things and 1 thing to improve, jay said: "you've been letting me do a lot of the things i enjoy lately, like watching football, playing guitar, and drawing... and you've been more agreeable to things i want to do." and i was like THANKS, SARAH! he noticed :) love these pictures!