Saturday, December 1, 2012

sunglasses are my weakness.

Sunglasses from: firmoo, jcpenney, and sunglassesshop

For some reason I've been stocking up on my collection of sunglasses. I always seem to be losing them or breaking them, so I just feel like I can never have enough! Ian doesn't understand my new obsession, and sometimes I don't either. Especially because we live in a place that is rainy and dark 300 days a year! But I just can't help it : /

I was thinking maybe he just needs his own pair of designer sunglasses to understand.
Plus, we're spending Christmas in the desert, so even though it's winter, that kinda justifies it, right?????
Shopping for men's sunglasses is kinda fun! I found some super chic Oakley Sunglasses and Ray-Ban sunglasses that would look so hot on my man...

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  1. i love sunglasses too! i used to lose/break mine all the time though. they were always cheap though so it's not so bad i guess. but when my husband got me some designer ones for the first time i was so scared that i'd lose them. but to my surprise, it's been a year and not a scratch :) it's amazing what a brand name can do haha.

  2. i love sunglasses too! I want to get the heart shaped ones at urban outfitters next summer. Cute pictures sarah!! :)

  3. love all your sunglasses! you always look gorgeous! hope you are having a great weekend. xoxo

  4. i would have the same obsession if it looked as hot as you girl.
    i have never seen one girl pull off so many styles so well!!!

    & ps. you can never have to many of your favorite thing! lol.

  5. i understand :) although i can't buy glass bc they need to be prescription I do keep buying more and more glasses!

  6. I never get expensive sunglasses because I'm always breaking or losing them, but I buy the cheap ones more than I should.

  7. really like the second one!

    loves Nina

  8. I like your title "sunglasses are my weakness", Yes you right, wearing UK designer eyewear is my weakness. You can say that I am addict for these designer glasses. Ray ban, Prada and Marc Jacobs is my favorite brand for buying sunglasses. Round frame glasses looks nice on my face, I think you should try those sunglasses one time, you look more beautiful.