Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY: infinity scarf for baby.

You'll need:

I purchased ten inches of the stretchy cotton fabric but ended up cutting it down for my newborn.
Because he is so tiny I ended up cutting it down to about 6.5"

The fabric actually came in a loop but, as I mentioned above, it was too bulky for my newborn.
But this could've easily been a no-sew project!

Lay out the fabric so that the edges line up with each other and it all lies flat.
Use your fabric cutting scissors to cut the fabric down to the proper size for your little peanut.
Or you could just purchase the right size to begin with : ) 

Make sure your hand is steady so that the edges are smooth.
You will not be sewing these edges, but they should still look nice!
(After you wash the fabric, the edges kind of roll over and aren't as noticeable.)

Next, trim the length of the fabric if needed.
I cut mine to about nineteen inches.
I know that's a random number, but 20+ seemed too bulky and I wanted him to be able to grow into it a for a while.

Next, thread your needle.
Turn the fabric inside out and sew the ends together.

Then admire your decent sewing job.

Then admire how cute your baby looks in it!


  1. He is gorgeous!

  2. I need to make one of these for my daughter. She would love it.

  3. SO cute!!! Love it. Also, your gray couch looks cute...we are on the hunt for a gray couch...where did you find yours?

  4. omg he is SO CUTE!! I love the infinity scarf too. I have a new born niece and some pink fabric, I think I'm going to make one tonight! Thanks for sharing.

  5. just found your blog!! what a cutie you've got there :)

  6. A-DOR-ABLE. First he's stinkin' cute and second, I love that you are setting him up for a fashionable life already ;)
    xo, katie

  7. SO CUTE. He's stylin'!
    xo Josie

  8. love it. i agree with jillian, he looks like his mama in those pictures!


  9. He is SO cute Sarah! My goodness, such a handsome little man - you guys done good on this one!

  10. He is SO cute Sarah! My goodness, such a handsome little man - you guys done good with this one!

  11. thanks sarah! to answer your question, i live in utah! that's where the beautiful mountains come from :)
    i love this baby scarf! so cute <3

  12. Okay, seriously?
    This is the cutest thing.