Monday, December 3, 2012

keep praying.

This week's wow topic is quite similar to last week.
I'm figuring out a pattern in the chapters of this book
It seems like every month (about five weeks) has a kind of theme. Last month's was all about appreciating and doing the little things for your man and this month seems to be on the topic of praying for him.
So, this week is about praying for your husband even if your prayers from last week haven't been answered. 
Ask God for His view of what the two of you are facing.
Don't necessarily pray for a change of circumstance, but pray for your ability to handle it and your husband's stamina to deal with it.
This week's assignment is to simply pray for your husband.
Ask him how you can be praying for him and either do it in front of him, or in private and consider leaving a little "prayer gift" somewhere for him (like a framed Bible verse, book mark, or coffee mug with a scripture or encouraging word).
If you're not into prayer, you can still do this for your husband too. Ask him what's bothering him and assure him of your support if he needs you : ) 


  1. Love this. Such a great reminder that I need to constantly be praying for my husband.

  2. So good Sarah. It makes a huge difference in my marriage when I am taking the time to pray for my hubs every day. Love that you are doing these posts! xoxo

  3. Love this. As I've loved the whole journey!
    Just so you know, my heart melts to a puddle every time I see a pic of sweet Greyer.


  4. this is good sarah! being intentional in prayer is powerful. :)