Thursday, December 27, 2012

the flavor of intimacy.

We are still on vacation in palm springs and the sun here has been such a nice break from the rain in Portland! It has also been nice having some extra hands to help with Greyer! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I have some outfit pics to post but the internet here is shotty so I'm posting from my phone.

I will try to add back links to referenced posts next time I have Internet, but here is this weeks wow topic for improving our relationships with our husbands:

Like two weeks ago, the title of this chapter scared me! This week's chapter is called "the Flavor of Intimacy" (cringe). Since I'm too awkward to talk about s-e-x I will briefly sum up this chapter by saying:

The author contends true intimacy to being on the same page in eight different areas:
1. Social
2. Financial
3. Recreational
4. Vocational
5. Parental
6. Emotional
7. Spiritual
8. Sexual

She doesn't explain what each of them mean, but she concludes that if you have intimacy in the first seven areas, you will connect better sexually too.

Look at the list above and review which area has been the cause of recent arguments. If your husband can't trust your spending habits, he he might not feel very amorous toward you. No matter what area needs the most improvement, begin praying for your marriage. Find a creative way to give the news to your husband. Start using coupons to save money and buy something he's been wanting with the savings! Or if your struggle is in the vocational area, offer to get up early to make him breakfast before work or decide to commute to work together one day a week for extra couple time!

Hope that helps!


  1. Didn't you just have a baby?!
    How do you look so amaze ALREADY??

    I pray I have that bounce back as you obviously did! You are stunning!

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  3. I complete agree with the comment above! How do you look so good? I'm 28 weeks pregnant and would love any advice you could give about how you got back into a bikini so fast!

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  5. What a fun vacation! You guys look adorable!

  6. Looks awesome! Now that is the way to celebrate Christmas, lookin super cute in a bikini with your boys! :)

  7. bikini after having a baby!!!!??? You are brave! (and blessed!) Looking stunning.