Tuesday, December 4, 2012

thoughts on bangs. my bangs.

Scarf/Vest: thrifted, Shirt/Jeans: Forever 21, Boots: Burlington Coat Factory, Purse: ASOS (similar).

Ever since I was pregnant, I've wanted bangs.
I felt so round and self-conscious though, that I decided it would be best to wait until after Greyer was born before making another drastic physical change.
I mean, what if I hated it?
Or what if I looked like an eight year-old?! 
(I think I was eight the last time I had bangs.)
Well, Ian, my mom, and my sister convinced me to do it even though everyone else advised against it.
I mean, bangs are controversial things here in blogland! 
I just felt like I've had the same hair since I was thirteen.
Because I have.
But Ian didn't want me to cut my length (nor did I), so bangs seemed to be the best option because blonde isn't a good look for me either.
So, I guess my conclusion on the whole bangs thing is that I really like them.
Not because I think they make me look really pretty or anything, but because I was just tired of looking at the same old thing in the mirror every day for the past 2,920 (that's how many days it's been since I was thirteen. seems like it should be more...).
These pictures were taken the day I got them cut and since then have had more time to play around with them. I definitely like them better with my hair curled. I kind of feel like I look like I'm wearing a wig with it straight like that ^^

Anyway, how do you feel about bangs?
Have you been contemplating them for yourself at all?

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  1. I have the same fear about bangs. I really want them, but I dont know how I will like them on me!!

  2. I recently cut mine and love them as well! Again, not for the way they make me look, but for the fact that they are a change. A good change in my eyes.


  3. i love bangs! i always cut my own haha which is probably why they do funky things. i wish i had the guts to cut them short like you! they look cute :)


  4. This made me laugh because I recently cut bangs also and feel like I look awkward when my hair is straight with my bangs. I've found it helps to part the bangs a little, like a side bang and it's a little more tolerable. I love my new bangs and think it's fun to change things up a bit.

    You look great so rock those bangs girl :)


  5. I've been contemplating them but my hair is think so I'm not sure they'd look great. But I LOVE them on you!

  6. You look very cute with bangs! ❤


  7. I've been contemplating bangs too for the same reason, my hair has been the same forever! I'm in desperate need for a change! I think they fresh and fun on you!

  8. I love your bangs!! Very flattering. I on the other hand, only like mine for about five minutes after they have been freshly washed and styled... after that five minutes they start looking ridiculous. Ugh. I guess it's back to side swept bangs for me!! As soon as these grow out of course. :)

  9. I love bangs. They are nice to have because you have the option of wearing them down or pinning them up. I've had bangs many times and have loved each time I've had them. Now growing them out is another story....btw, I think you look great with bangs:)


  10. You wear bangs very well! I haven't had them since I was a kid, either. But my hair is naturally wavy so bangs aren't necessarily something I want to do to myself. Pretty sure they'd require a lot of work to keep straight!

  11. i go through the bang phase every few months so I totally understand the need for change :) yours look super cute!!

  12. You look SO cute!
    xo Josie

  13. I have almost the same haircut you do, and I LOVE bangs! I think it makes every outfit more stylish and it makes me feel sassy without even trying. Some people look funny with them, but I think they look great on you! And I agree about them looking better with curled hair then straight, I feel the same way about mine. Anyways, love your blog and style! Keep on banging! (haha sorry, I couldn't resist.)


  14. Well considering I have bangs, I love them. I think they can add a lot of depth to someone. You look good with bangs!

  15. Love the bangs on you! I think they suit you very well :)

  16. first, i love your bangs. gorgeous girl.
    second, i cut my bangs right after i got married. actually i cut my bangs & also cut off 14 inches of hair. talk about season of change. lol. i did enjoy them, but hated the upkeep so just let them go.
    third, i am already planning my postpartum hair. it actually may come early (january) because my hair stylist is in MN & i have trust issues. lol. i am not doing bangs at THIS point. but i am chopping some, coloring others & then doing something edgy! apparently i like a lot of change at once. all or nothing type of girl.


  17. I LOVE your fringe! Welcome to the club haha! They suit you so well - plus a change is always fun :)


  18. I love your bangs! They look so pretty. I might be a little biased, but I think bangs are a lot of fun and a great way to change up your hair. Although it's not much of a change for me seeing as I've had bangs of some sort my whole life! :) I think the only downside to bangs is that they can be a pain to trim and keep at the desired length/look. But they're still a great look to me!

    Anyway, I love that you got bangs! Whenever another blogger gets bangs, it makes me feel just a little but more stylish.

  19. So pretty!!
    You look great with bangs lady!!