Thursday, September 27, 2012

CopyCats Week 11

Yay! Yay! YAY!!! It's CopyCat Friiiiday!!
The day of the month where we all copy a look we've seen on someone else! 
This month I am copying the adorable Kourtney Kardashian. 
This is not my first time copying a Kardashian, and last time I copied one it was Kim and I wore this same camel colored blazer! 
What can I say? We're all Armenian and they have great style! 


I don't know why I keep choosing looks with hair up. I seriously NEVER wear my hair up and so I'm confused as to why I decided to do it again. Oh wells.
The good news is that when we were walking over to take these pictures Ian said, "You look like Kim Kardashian from behind. That seems like something she would wear." 
Although I'm copying her sister Kourtney this time, I took that as a compliment because that is exactly what I was going for... obviously!

Blazer: thrifted, Tank: H&M, Boots: DSW, Purse: Charlotte Russe, Sunnies: Valentino.

So there you have it! 
I must say, I was worried I would go into labor and not be able to host the link-up this week, but alas, Greyer is still super comfs inside me and it could still be a while...
If you are linking up this week, please include this button somewhere on your post and link up below:

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CopyCat Reminder!

Remember that tomorrow is the CopyCat link up! Can't wait to see your looks! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a sweet husband and a review.

{38.5 Weeks}

Turtle neck: Target thrifted, Jeans: Kohl's, Boots: Kohl's, Ring: Francesca's.

I would like to document how sweet my husband is lately.
He is always sweet, but lately he won't stop buying me presents (like the jaguar ring pictured above) and making me breakfast in bed! 
How spoiled am I???
He's a dream...

Also, you may or may not know that I have terrible eye sight. Like I really reals do.
And with pregnancy, my eyes have only gotten worse (hoping it gets a little better after delivery). 
I would never wear contacts though because I absolutely freak out about touching my eyeballs and stuff like that. But I don't wear my glasses as much as I should either (seen here)...
Well, Firmoo Glasses contacted me about trying out a pair of their glasses, and since they offered, I decided to go for it and even get them in my prescription because I figure that if I'm going to wear glasses, they better help me see (because I need it).
I went with some trendy, thick-framed tortoise glasses so that I could have variety with the pair I spent $200+ on at the eye doctor a few months ago...
If you click on that link, you can see that these were only $17.50! How incredible is that for prescription eyewear?!? And the best part (for those of you with 20/20) is that you don't have to order them with a prescription, you can just order them as fashion lenses! 
I have been so happy with these "cheap" glasses. They fit perfectly and feel sturdy. And the prescription is spot-on!
Firmoo has made it their mission to provide quality eyewear at affordable prices so that everyone can feel good about themselves and their wallets while being able to see better. AND if you are a first-time buyer, you will get your glasses for free! I believe all you have to pay for is shipping! How brilliant is that? Make sure you go check out their website to see if they have something for you! 

Also, remember that this Friday is CopyCat Friday! Read about it here.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

tiny touches & first/last.

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday!
I know I am since it's 11:30 am and I'm saying "good morning" as if I just woke up or something...
Today I wanted to share just a little thing we/I changed in our house.
I finally got around to painting the inside of the front door!
It needed a fresh coat (or five) of paint since we bought this door after we moved in and the inside was still raw wood. 

We had every intention of painting it since we got it, but it wasn't so bad until we painted the dining room and then the living room (I'll share that in a bit). The wood just started to look too pink. Eww. And that was the final push to actually get me to do it.

I started out with "California Dreaming" by Clark & Kensington (from Ace) because they had a promotion where they were giving away free quarts of paint and I made the classic mistake of just grabbing a swatch of what I thought was the perfect color without taking it home first. I guess I just figured that, since it was free, I had nothing to lose! 

Sure enough after one coat, we had a neon yellow door.

This was not a good day for me, as things were not going my way and mixed with pregnancy hormones... My sweet husband went back to Ace to get the next color on the swatch called "Lotus Queen" and after about 5 coats (I lost count after 4.5) it ended up being the perfect green I was looking for all along! 

I love how it looks next to the blue dining room and with the other tiny touch I added, the rug:

Just those two inexpensive additions make all the difference and totally personalize a home! 
Have you added any new little things to your home lately?

Ok, I'm also participating in Ash's First & Last link-up this week where she picks a topic and we all post about our first and last experience with that topic. Last week it was your first & last concert and this week it is just a general picture edition. As per her suggestion, I decided to post the first and last picture of me pregnant! 

This picture was taken on a little beach getaway Ian and I took for my birthday back in January. 
Despite what you may assume, Greyer was not conceived on this romantic getaway... But we had a feeling that I might be pregnant because this was right after we decided to start "trying". 
This picture was taken about three days before I took a pregnancy test and found out there was a little bun in my oven! 

And of course, this is the most recent shot of me pregnant (still have 11 days to go)! 

Wowzers. I really have expanded. HAHAHAHA.

And maybe just for fun I'lll post the first pic of Ian and I from that beach getaway and the last pic of the two of us (with a creepishly similar background...)

Oh, and look. My hair was already starting to frizz:

Thanks for hosting this fun link-up Ash! 

house of glass

Monday, September 24, 2012

bringin' it back.

[38 weeks]

Cardigan: Old Navy, Dress: f21, Booties: Kohls.

In my opinion, it never should've left us...
the zig-zag part!
I'm totes rocking the zig-zag part these last couple days since I'm wanting bangs, but not until after the baby comes.
I'm in a rut with my hair lately as I feel like it is always the same and I can never decide if I should part it down the middle or to the side... I know, I have major decisions like that these dayzzz!!!
But the zig-zag part is working for me. It looks parted on the side, from the front (which I think flatters my face a little more), but it's not totally boring either. 
I think after my next shower I will do a more subtle zig-zag and see how it goes.
Wow, my life is just so exciting!!!!

Ok, I also need to give a shout out to CopyCat Friday happening this week!!!! I hope you all link up!
And I am accepting sponsors again for the month of October! Email me if you are interested!

Friday, September 21, 2012

the last time.

Denim Jacket: Old Navy thrifted, Pink top: f21, Leggings: Everlast, Shoes: Old Navy, Purse: D&B

I remember this book my mom read me when I was a kid.
It was something about a mom reminiscing on all of her child's "firsts" and, at the end, wishing she'd known when those "lasts" would be so that she could hold on to the moments just a little longer...
Ever since that book and before any life-changing milestone in my life, I try to pay special attention to when these "lasts" might be taking place.
This is just one way I cope with change, and it really helps me take joy in endings rather than look back with regret or missing them too much. 
And I've been doing that a lot this past week.
I'm wondering if this is the last time I'll get my hair colored before Greyer arrives.
The last time I refill the soap dispenser (yes, soap is sentimental to me these days).
The last bag of dog food I buy...
The last house project I do...
The last night I stay up past midnight...
I know those are all little things, but with only 2 weeks left til my due date, I can't help but notice all the little things. 
Every day, I become more and more excited that this could be the last time...
I am sooooo ready to meet this little boy of ours : ) 

P.S. Have you seen the latest J. Crew catalogue? Everything about it is YES. Check out this post by Jillian where she finds J. Crew items for less! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

diy color block curtains.

I received so many compliments on the curtains I painted for Greyer's room and much interest was expressed in hearing how I did it. 

I wasn't planning on having colored curtains in his room, nor was I planning to make any, but having purchased a pair of cheap white curtains from Ikea and feeling the need for a bit more color in his room, I figured I'd give it a try.

The good news is that it really is as easy as painting a pair of existing curtains. But just to make sure, here are all the details:

- Pair of Curtains (I used the white Vivan curtains from Ikea)
- Mini Sponge Roller
- Painters Tape
- Quart of paint sample (I used two different shades of buttery yellow I had lying around)

Step #1: Hang the original curtains where they will be after the project is complete. Use a pencil to mark where you'd like each block of color to start and stop. I pretty much just eye-balled mine, but I knew that I wanted the top color to go down to the bottom of the blinds when retracted. And I wanted the bottom color to come up to the window sill so that the light shines through the white.

Step #2: Lay out your curtain on an open space that can get paint on it or lay down a plastic sheet first. *A cloth or towel will not protect your surface, as the paint will stick to and soak through the fabric.
Tape off the first section and start painting! I ended up doing two coats.

The whole project took me about 4-5 hours, but had I chosen a more open work space, I could have done more than one block at a time without having to allow for drying time. 
If I did this again, I would spread out on the back deck or kitchen floor (with a plastic sheet underneath). 
Because I was working on a smaller surface, some of the white parts of the curtain ended up getting wet paint on them... Oh well! 

Step #3: Once the paint has dried, peel the tape off and hang them up in your room to enjoy! 

Step #4: Let paint set for at least 48 hours and then wash them in cool water on "delicate". This will help soften them up a bit and drape more nicely. I will warn you that they will still be a little stiff/crunchy on the colored parts. Since I don't plan to wrap myself up in these curtains, I don't mind that they are a little stiff. 

Optional Step: Cut a few inches off the bottom of the curtains. I think I cut off about 8" so that they would barely hit the carpet. 

Let me know if you try this! I also saw a couple tutorials from people that used fabric paint/dye. I have had bad experiences with fabric dye, but that might be a little less crunchy if you prefer! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fall obsession-- prints.

Going into Fall, I am obsessing over printed apparel. 
I already have that jaguar dress, and I bought the red sweater a couple months ago too.
Printed pants seem to be a future staple item like red pants were last year. 
Are you brave enough to wear them?
A printed scarf around your neck or pony tail is a more subtle way of playing with this trend. 
Prints offer a great combination of playful and sophisticated.
Mix more than one printed item, or tone one down with something more subtle.
Prints can be for everyone!
To see my post from yesterday in my jaguar dress click here.
And to see a guest post I did on how to wear printed pants click here.

Monday, September 17, 2012

favorite new dress.

{37.5 weeks}

Ok I just had to include this headshot because I think it looks so professional of me...

Dress: ASOS, Boots: Kohls, Purse: Vintage D&B

I bought this dress for our anniversary trip to Seattle and I've worn it so many times since then. 
It is actually a sweater-dress, so it's pretty thick.
Can't wait to wear it with tights in the winter! 
Oh, and I am soooo obsessed with the jaguar print!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

sunglasses wish list.

Even though the season is almost over, I am obsessed with all of these sunglasses!
I guess it's a good thing that the clouds are coming because I don't think I'd be able to narrow it down to just one pair! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

the expectant father.

This guy is seriously so funny.
Not only does he snap all my outfit photos, but he also models for me so I can test the light/settings/other things I don't actually know anything about. And his poses kill me...

Sometimes they are more normal...

But usually not...

The other night I read that expectant dads can have a lot of the same symptoms as an expectant mother, and I just died laughing. So many times I show Ian things I'm reading about pregnancy so that he can understand me better, but this one really helped me understand him! 
Hahaha! Since we read that we've noted all of his symptoms:
- He's been thirstier and peeing a lot.
- He's been nesting like crazy! Mostly by sorting the garage and doing yard work.
- He's been having restless nights sleep.
- He's been lethargic.
- He's been craving things.
-He's been achy and needing massages.
-He's been a bit more "needy" in general.

And to top all that, when our birthing class teacher asks if any of us have been experiencing mood swings/back ache/fatigue, the guy actually raises his own hand... HAHAHAHAHA.
Pregnancy has been tough on him too I guess ; )
I'm so thankful to have a husband that can make me laugh instead of throw a fit during all the awkward stages of pregnancy! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


[36.5 weeks]

Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory, Shirt: Urban Outfitters (way old), Leggings: Everlast, Shoes: Old Navy

Right around this time every year, I get an itch.
An itch for crisper weather.
Lit candles. 
A newer, thicker wardrobe. 
And this year I'm actually missing school.
It's probably because I'm officially closing that chapter of my life by opening a new one to becoming a mom, but sometimes I just can't believe it! 
I can't believe all that has happened and that I'm here.
I can't think too deeply about it because then I get sad about all that I will miss about just being plain old me by myself. 
Or just me and Ian. 
We truly are excited about this next season, but just a little scared in the anticipation of something neither of us no anything about! 
If you are a mom, will you please tell me what you love most about having a little one? 
I feel like all I ever hear about is the hard stuff (no sleep, new schedule, etc.)!
And I know in order to accomplish amazing things in life I should expect hard things/obstacles to work through, but what about parenting is so amazing to you
What makes it all "worth it"?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

all we need is baby!

Here are the pictures of Greyer's room that I promised I'd share! 
I must say, I really reals love it.
Normally I stay clear of the cliche decor trends because I know they will become outdated before I feel like redecorating, but I just had to go with the gray, yellow, white, wood combo. It's gender neutral and doesn't scream "BABY BOY WAS HERE!!!" 

So, here is the view from the hallway:

The curtains were plain white from Ikea. They looked great as is, but I decided to take a DIY risk and paint them. I love how they turned out and will do a tutorial here soon! 

The dresser was bought at a vintage store on Hawthorne in SE Portland and the mirror was also thrifted and needs to be re-hung, apparently... The lamp is from Target.

The little stork statue is from Turkey. My grandma gave him (and his two friends) to me a while ago.

Here is the rocking corner:

The chair is from Overstock (gifted by my parents), and the doggy was a shower gift : ) The lamp was given to us a while ago from the church but I think it's probably from CB2 or West Elm. Could be wrong though and that was a couple years ago...

The "Greyer" painting was done by my sweet sister, the antlers were thrifted (!), and the clock is from Target

Here is the little crib set-up:

The crib is Jenny Lind gifted by my grandparents, the mobile is from my grandparent's house, and the brass birds are from Ian's grandma's house. 

This yellow dog is a nightlight that my parents got us and you can buy it here. The bumper I think is pretty cute considering it was from Target and not $200... 

I also spent the last couple days washing and sorting all of Greyer's clothes! They are all so cute and tiny! 

Here is his sock drawer:

And his closet with all of his hanging clothes and sorted onesies by size: 

I must say that now that his room is complete, I feel so much more ready and even more excited about his arrival! It's really like he's the only thing we're missing! 
I've also been having so many dreams about having him and I'm always so sad when I wake up because I just miss him so much! 
Soon enough, though!!