Monday, January 7, 2013

bank on it.

peplum: dorothy perkins (similar), necklace: francesca's, pants: genetic denim (similar)

Not gonna lie, I love this outfit. 
I bought both the shirt and the pants specifically for our family portraits in Palm Springs and I'm just so obsessed with all the flare going on! Also, I got pregnant this time last year, so peplum is a trend that I needed to wait on til now. I'm loving it. And it totally makes me look pregnant again in the photo above : )

This week's wow topic is money (finally we have moved on from all the talk on intimacy).
The chapter begins with jokes about wives being big spenders and such and then she goes into why finances become a main issue between spouses.
The author believes that financial disagreements aren't the real issue, but the real issue is our motivation.
The four "Inner Drives" that she addresses are:
1. Authority-- to some people, money = power = opportunities.
2. Attention-- using money to make memories or give to other people.
3. Acceptance-- this person purchases peace. Overspending = stress and underspending = rest.
4. Accuracy-- this person follows a system and sticks to a budget religiously.

Your husbands money-motivation style may be very different than yours, but this shouldn't be looked at as negative. His differences in this area can make you a better person.

The suggested "wow date" could be practical this week. 
Why not discuss the family budget or your money motivation styles?
Or you could strengthen your own skills with money by reading some sort of budget book and then sharing what you've learned with your husband! 
Sounds kind of like a boring week/date/topic, but I believe it will be incredibly beneficial to a lot of us!
I'll tell you right now that my motive is a combination between #3 and 4.
 I'm getting better, but finances used to haunt me because I'm just such a stresser-outter.

Which motive do you think you are? Or your spouse?


  1. You look amazing! Also I so look forward to these posts every week!

  2. i LOVE this outfit- that top is so adorable. sarah, these are MY FAVORITE posts. thanks for challenging us to love our husbands well.

  3. Your outfit is too cute! And you in no way look pregnant! I am amazed at how tiny you are after having a baby already! You go girl.

  4. love that top and statement necklace on you! xo

  5. You look fantastic in that necklace and top!

  6. I looooove this outfit and your blog! So much!

  7. I love this outfit too! I love peplum right now and the flared pants are super cute too.


  8. I LOOOOVE this outfit!!! You look amazing! How do you nurse in that top?