Tuesday, January 29, 2013

consignment stores.

Necklace: BCF, Jacket: f21 (similar), shirt: thrifted, jeans: f21, shoes: Urban outfitters, bracelets: f21, watch: ASOS

I have a love/hate relationship with consignment stores. But mostly hate.
In theory, the idea makes sense: sell your gently used clothes for cash or store credit instead of just throwing them in a garbage bag and dropping off at Goodwill. 
The problem is ***if*** they decide to buy your clothes, they only give you a small percentage of what they will sell them for. 
I took a bunch of baby stuff (all brand new) to our local consignment store. She wanted all of it. 
She gave me my new ID number so that I could check my store credit balance online (their only option, I would have preferred a cash-out option). 
Knowing that all that stuff was worth well over a hunny, I was expecting at least $20 from the deal. And you know what I saw on my account? $12.61
That will probably buy me one used baby sweater if I ever go back there because their prices are jacked--which is the other problem I have with consignment stores...
I am also convinced that the items they choose not to sell still end up on the racks.
Or in the employees closets since you permitted unwanted items to be "donated".
Is there anyone in the Portland area that has had a positive experience with consignment stores? 
Which ones please thanks.


  1. Your shoes are adorable! I want some kitten slippers, didn't know animal on pumps was a new trend but I love ♥


  2. I have the SAME feelings. I'd almost rather give them to goodwill then feeling like people are ripping me off. SO frustrating!


  3. I just packed up a ton of stuff to consign...I'm hoping to get a decent return... But we'll see!

  4. I have the same problem with Plato's Closet. I brought 4 huge garbage bags of stuff and all they wanted was a few things. Most stuff they chose was older and ugly, compared to some of the almost brand new pieces. Makes zero sense to me. And I hate how they resale your stuff for pretty high prices. I can buy brand new things on clearance for cheaper than their dingy clothes!

  5. I usually don't comment but as someone who also has a love/hate relationship with consignment stores I had to chime in. I used to live in Portland (but am now stuck in the midwest) and I find the same thing out here. It is incredibly annoying to know that your gently used (basically brand new with little babes)clothes are going to be so marked up when you received so little for them. What I have found is that you have to find places that let you control what price you sell them at. Craigslist is a good way to do it and consignment sales are also another way. They are typically held by season twice annually and you get to set the prices for your stuff. I have heard of wee-cycle and just between friends in Portland but I would google it and see what comes up. It's a bit more work but I feel like it's worth it. Sorry for the long comment.. I hope it helps.

  6. I hear you. I am completely shocked at the items they will take and items they pass on sometimes. I really don't get it. The only one I have had a little luck with is Plato's closet.


  7. i agree!
    have you tried a Buffalo Exchange?
    IF they choose your items, you can take a cash option OR a gift card (higher percentage)

    gl - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  8. I found you on mama link up! You are so adorable!!! Please come visit me over at http://lipstickheelsandababy.blogspot.com/ when you get a chance!!!!


  9. If its for kids clothes... I know their are some "upscale childrens consignment" stores around here but not sure of the names but some other ideas... sell them on the blog, sell them on instagram, or do swaps with other moms!!

  10. Can't say that I have. :( they seem to be so picky with what they accept, I feel like its more trouble than they're worth.l

  11. Yours shoes and watch are so awesome!

  12. I have had the same experience you've had. A friend recently had a clothing swap party instead of taking her clothes to a consignment store, which I thought was a good idea. It could be done with your own clothes or gather new mamas up to swap out baby clothes.

  13. I have a similar relationship. Particularly with Plato's Closet. I love your shoes! P.S. You should sell your clothes on Instagram or here (I would so buy your stuff)

  14. I agree with you! I've gotten so irrationally angry at Plato's Closet in the past that I refuse to take anything there any more. Thankfully we have a decent independent consignment shop near by but it can still be irritating.

  15. Ugh I get so frustrated trying to sell my clothes at consignment stores. At least you weren't selling your own clothes that you picked out, whenever I take my stuff to Plato's closet and they reject basically everything, I feel like I have horrible style or taste in clothes!

  16. I feel the same way about consignment shops!! Very, very frustrating.

  17. Never like consignment store..

    Adorable comfy shoes, and love the watch!

    xo, http://eatwhatwear.blogspot.com/

  18. I stopped going a few years ago when they became super, super picky with my items and I wasn't getting much for my name brand, very gently used clothes (and they weren't super friendly about it either). I have started selling items on Craigslist, I've sold a few pairs of shoes that way. It sometimes takes a bit longer but it works, you just have to remember to renew your post every so often so it goes back to the top. 100% profit!

    For baby clothes, my cousins joined facebook groups in their area to trade or buy clothes from each other. Swap groups I think they call them. Take pictures, post your price and the first to comment gets them.

    As for shopping at consignment (I'm in Vancouver, Canada) it's outrageous. I will not do it, you can find brand new items on sale for a cheaper price. I find a lot of great brand name, gently used items that are relatively new or vintage at the thrift store down the street for a much better price.

    Best of luck with your items!

  19. There is a store up in Vancouver called Spankys that I took a bunch of stuff to. I thought Id hear from them when my stuff sold, but over a year later I never heard anything. I decided to call and ask about it and lo-and-behold they had a check for only $12 waiting for me for over 6 months. I was pissed because the check was expired and if they had it sitting there that long dont you think they should have called me?

    Any-who. Normally if I ever do try and sell anything I go to Buffalo Exchange but they dont take a lot of the items. Ive gotten as much as $60 for several bags worth, which is better than nothing for used clothing.

    Once Upon The Hill

  20. you should just sell it on your blog! i bet you'd get wayy more out of it. i was thinking of selling my old clothes to one of those stores but then i figured i'd get more if i just did it on my blog or something. the only thing about that is that it's just one more thing you have to manage haha

    The DayLee Journal

  21. I looove consignment stores! There are some real jewels there and all it takes is a little patience.

  22. Your shoes are SO adorable!

  23. Ugh! So hate consignment stores! My husband had a ton of really awesome western shirts that he got from his uncle and they were too big for him. We took them to a consignment store and they offered him a dollar for each. Yeah right! He was so mad and pointed out that they sell them in the store for $35-40!! Plus when they are sifting through my things deciding if they like what I've got, I always feel them judging my sense of style lol!

  24. me and my friend were just talking about this! i hate them...the prices are awful and one time i saw an H&M dress on the rack that i owned and it cost more at the consignment store then it did when i bought it new!! huh?? and one time my hubs got in an argument with them, they wouldn't take his brand new never worn holister coat bc it had "bleach" on it, thats the style of the coat!! lol

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