Thursday, January 3, 2013

home for christmas.

I always grew up traveling for Christmas, but my parents always made sure we had our own special gift exchange before or after our trip with the extended family. Now that I'm married, we had two gift exchanges/Christmas celebrations in our hometown before we left for Palm Springs.
I know Christmas is about Jesus' birth and everything, but can I just be honest and say that I'm glad He lets me open presents on His birthday? 
In other words, I totally love Christmas for the presents. 

We drove down after Ian got off work to spend a couple hours with my family. 
They ordered our favorite pizza (American Dream), as usual when we come to town!
Greyer was ticked that he didn't get any.

 My sister is such a good auntie. She is just obsessed with her little nephew! 

A couple days prior to this visit, Ian and I took Greyer to the mall to see Santa. When we saw how outrageous the price was for one print, we decided to forgo meeting Mall Santa and made my dad dress up instead.
I know this pic is totally blurry, but that pretty much sums up the experience and I am glad we didn't spend $25 for this.

Greyer passed out and the rest of us opened presents. 
My mom always makes the house so cozy for Christmas!

Next we were on to my in-law's house where we met up with all of Ian's siblings (two sisters and a brother). My mom in-law had some really fun Christmas decor as well!

Greyer only has two cousins (both boys) and this was our first time meeting the youngest cousin, Rhett, since they live in Texas.

This was our first time spending the night away from home with Greyer and it was quite interesting.
He did well considering we were in a house full of people.
I'm proud of the little guy! 

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!
I will be sharing pics from our actual Christmas in Palm Springs next week along with my New Years resolutions! 


  1. Looks like you had a great Christmas with lots of family. I can't get over how much Greyer is changing already, he's looking so grown up & alert!


  2. Let's face it. We all love Christmas for the presents...there's just a precious few of us bold enough to admit it. Who doesn't love presents?!?!

  3. Your little man is the cutest!! Looks like such a fun Christmas! I love the presents too! :)

  4. I AM obsessed. How could I not be?! Haha. He's the cutest, sweetest nephew in the world.

  5. He is too cute! Anyone who says they don't love the presents on Christmas is lying. :) BUT remembering the importance and true meaning of Christmas is obviously most important, of course.

  6. looks like fun, apart from meeting Santa!! Happpy New Year :)

  7. Greyer has the prettiest eyes! And that picture of you and him is adorable!!

    It's funny how you mentioned that you like opening gifts on Jesus' pastor actually talked about that in a sermon the Sunday before Christmas and how we should be celebrating Jesus' birthday instead of focusing on ourselves. I felt so guilty because honestly, presents are the best!