Tuesday, January 8, 2013

my postpartum body.

My bodily transformation over the last year:

Pre-pregnancy: Mama was skiiiiiiny... yikez!!

Exactly seven days before giving birth:

I'd heard you still look 4 months pregnant right after giving birth, and I look about 6 months pregnant:

One week postpartum, in my pre-preg jeans but you can totally see my cantaloupe-sized uterus pooching out:

4 weeks postpartum, my uterus finally deflated and all that's left is loose skin... yayz:

And one of me NOT in those pink/red pants to prove that there is still loose skin up in there:

I feel silly writing this post you guys...
I am not an expert and I feel like my body got back to [kinda] normal by accident.

Let me tell you that I gained a total of 34 pounds during my nine months of being pregnant.
By week 28 (out of 40), I had gained 28 pounds.
I was freaking out because I just felt like that number was too high as per my doctor's orders and the low level of my self-esteem...

During week 28, I decided to eliminate complex carbs from my diet (almost completely) and my weight gain immediately balanced out.
I never lost weight while pregnant, but at that point it had slowed down to a much healthier pace.

My activity level was also at a standstill for the majority of my pregnancy, although I did try to walk here and there. 
Beyond dancing to two and a half songs of Miley Cyrus Pandora to distract my baby from crying, my activity level is still pretty low. But I plan to change that.

I also hear youth gives you an advantage with things like this and I'm only 22 so there's that?
After my pregnancy journey, I've really become more accepting of my body. 
The way it is. 
In the moment
It is important to be healthy and feel good about yourself, but it is unhealthy when that becomes an obsession. 
Accept how you look today.
Try new things to stay active and feeling good about yourself, but know that it takes time and there is no use hating yourself in the process!


  1. Clothes are my friend right now. I gained 30lbs and I have now lost 41! I am not doing anything crazy. No strict diet and not really exercising but for whatever reason the weight has just melted. I definitely don't brag though because the loose skin is plentiful! Lots of smoke & mirrors over here lol!

  2. I struggle with body image on a daily basis. This post really made me feel better. One of my biggest fears about becoming pregnant is the weight gain - I know that is so superficial, but I struggle with confidence a lot.

  3. I gained 45 pounds while pregnant. I felt massive, but I lost it all within two months and ended up losing ten more pounds after that. I attribute 100% of that to breast feeding because I did not diet and my work outs were pretty sporadic. I'm hoping I don't gain as much this time around, but if I do, hopefully breast feeding will do the trick again :)

  4. I think you look great! And your little man is so adorable. I really enjoyed reading through your pregnancy. Just start slow and steady that is the best way to get more active and get rid of the extra weight.

  5. First of all I love the dress you're wearing at 9 months soo cute where's it from! AND hello hot momma.. you post body looks great.. Im a thin girl so Im praying that my bod returns to "kinda" normal once my time comes!

  6. you look awesome! Congrats! :) btw, i'm new to blogging so please come follow me :) Thanks :)http://alwaystiffanie.blogspot.com/

  7. I gained 40 lbs w Em and it took me a few months to get back into my prepregnancy jeans! You look great!

  8. you look great girly! keep up the good work! xo


  9. You created that amazing little guy, kept him safe and growing for 9 months and then gave birth. Your body is stronger than ever, and you should be proud! Not to mention you look great! It's important to feel confident, but if you're ever in doubt just remember all the amazing things that it's gotten through. You gave life to another little human, that's pretty amazing in itself.

  10. I think you look awesome! Don't be too hard on yourself :)


  11. thanks mamas for sharing. i loved it.
    this has been the first time in my life that i have liked my body at its current state. i am thankful for this pregnancy for more than just the baby blessing. my thoughts are healthy about my body & i hope that this will continue post baby!

    you look absolutely fabulous btw. XO.

  12. You looked fantastic throughout your pregnancy and you're body's been bouncing back nicely - you look great! And now you have a fab baby on top of that!

  13. (D'oh - I think Blogger ate my original comment - sorry if you get this twice though)

    You looked fantastic through before, during and after pregnancy, girl - your body is bouncing back nicely, you look great! And your sweet baby is adorable!

  14. The weight gaining/not looking cute in clothes is so far the hardest part about being pregnant. I worry that I am also gaining weight fast...even though I don't eat everything in sight...I still eat like before. You are 22 though...and well I am not. hahaa I hope I can accidentally look good after baby too..hahah..you do look great though!

  15. You were beautiful before, during and after your pregnancy! But I understand about body issues! Hoping that you get to a place of really loving YOU....inside and out :D