Wednesday, January 9, 2013

palm springs christmas.

Greyer's first plane ride! 

Greyer loves his grandma! 

Christmas Eve dinner!

Classic Armenian dinner (looks nasty in this pic, but I promise it tastes soooo good!)...

Oh grandpa and his tee shirts...

Sleeping in on Christmas morning...

Four generations...

Four generations again...

Family portrait day...

When we spend Christmas in the desert, my grandparents always rent a huge house so we can all stay together. Fourteen people under one roof is a little bit chaotic and a whole lot of fun.
Ian, Greyer, and I stayed in a separate casita that was attached to the main house but had a private entry. That helped a lot with keeping baby asleep : ) 
Although we stay with my mom's side of the family, we get a day with my dad's. Hence, all the family pictures above! 
Even though this year's trip was packed with visitors, we still managed to squeeze in a couple hikes, some time by the pool, a family badminton tournament, and a girls shopping night.
I don't know if it's because I'm a little bit older this year, or the fact that I have a kid now, but this was the first time that I really truly appreciated being around family.
I mean, I know that sounds weird.
I've always enjoyed my family, but saying goodbye was extra tearful this year because I realized how much I appreciate them all.


  1. your grandparents are so cute! and i love your babys printed leggings :)

  2. What a gorgeous location! Greyer's smile in that first photo is adorable! And I love your swimsuit..I want to attempt the high waisted bottoms this summer! Looking good lady! :)

  3. i cannot get over how ADORABLE greyer is!!! seriously!

    looks like so much fun (: i love 14 people under one roof!

  4. Such a beautiful family :) god bless! And that little one is super adorable! :* <3

  5. Greyer is seriously the best looking baby I've ever seen! He is SO handsome! And those little facial expressions - ugh, just killing me! And your grandpa's beard is magnificent (he would do well in Portland, haha!) Great photos Sarah, looks like a fantastic time and such a fun family!

  6. So special to spend so much family time together on Christmas!

  7. What a stud on the airplane...that is a picture worth saving. He has the cutest smirk...Spending time with family is always wonderful.

  8. Did you seriously just have a little one? You look amazing!!! I have a little boy too 8 months :)

    Your holidays look wonderful what a beautiful house.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  9. Oh my gosh...that first picture is SO stinking cute!
    I have a big family as well, so renting a huge house for a vacation is such a good idea! That house you stayed in was gorgeous!!

    Love the family pictures. Your outfit is so cute!