Monday, January 14, 2013

wow 14.

Gloves: Old Navy, Hat: H&M, Jacket: H&M, Flannel: Ian's, Leggings: Ross, Boots: Hunter thrifted

And a cutie one of my boy:

I decided to just start titling these posts with "Wow" instead of the author's title choices because I just can't get over how random they are...
We are still on the topic of finances this week.
Did you know that finances is the #1 conflict causer in marriages in our country?
How to spend, how to save, who makes more, etc.
It kinda makes sense since we live in a culture that worships money and everything it can buy.
The thing I don't like about this chapter is that the author just assumes that all husbands are tightwads and all wives are frivilous. 
In my marriage Ian and I are neither of those things. And, if anything, I am the one that hates spending money where he is more laid back about it all.
The point the author makes though, is to be respectful of the way your husband sees and manages your money.
And if you are the main provider, find a way to honor his contribution to your family's success. 

Hope that helps, you guys! 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, start here.


  1. You are always so stinkin' cute Sarah! And so is your little man :) My husband and I are still working out a smooth rhythm with spending, saving, etc since we are still newly married, but it is quite the adventure! :) xo


  2. I would say in my relationship I am for sure more of the "tightwad." My husband is always telling me to buy stuff for myself because I never do!

  3. thats a really good point. i don't shop a lot but i'll buy little things here and there while my husband is the complete opposite. he's kinda the EXTREME of being a saver. He won't buy anything unless he thinks its a really good price for what he's getting. he hardly even buys anything for himself. but once in a while he'll splurge on something he really likes like a ipad haha. but im glad that he doesn't expect me to not spend anything like him. and at the same time i don't expect him to let me buy everything that i want. so it all works out!
    money is definitely a weird and awkward thing sometimes though. this past christmas was our first christmas together as a married couple so buying presents for the extended family was weird. it was hard to decide how much to spend for each person, especially since we knew we couldn't spend as much now that we were married and on our own budget.

    wow that was wayyy longer than i anticipated. sorry :p

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  4. Simply adorable - hair, boots, coat, hat, BABY, everything!

  5. You have the best style. I love. AND that little man of words. So cute!

  6. hmm that chapter seems really interesting! my hubs and i don't argue too much about finances, but we do have the occasional discussion since im an accountant i watch our money like a hawk lol! i was just thinking about this book the otherday, i think im going to go out and read it!!

    love the look and i love your wearing your husbands shirt (thats the best way to go!!)

  7. Just found your blog through G.B.O & I'm already loving it! Glad to see I'm not the only one that "steals" my hubby's clothes :) Also, I think it's so cool how you are doing the 52 Ways to Love your Husband & sharing on here....might have to borrow some of the ideas from you!



  8. Such a beautiful lady! And, can you please share how you are in such good shape after a baby? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks.

  9. My sister lived outside of Portland for a year not too long ago and your pictures make me miss it! I visited her 4 times while she was living there, and it was just so beautiful!