Wednesday, February 20, 2013

frills for you!

I mentioned my dislike for consignment stores once before and some of you expressed interest in purchasing some of my clothes. So to keep things manageable (i.e., easier for me) I will be selling my nicest pieces by category to the first person that emails me with their Paypal account (frillsthrills [at] gmail [dot] com). 
First emailer gets dibs.
Payment via Paypal only.
Shipping is free.

First up we have bottoms.

Both pairs of jeans are from Nordstrom and have only been worn a handful of times. You can see the Miss Me jeans pictured here and here.
The STS Blue jeans haven't even been worn here on Frills. They are bell-bottom-y.
The skirt was thrifted and I haven't actually worn it, so this is my only photo. Comes down to the knee.
The leather pants are super comfs but they are just too big on me since I ordered them online. You can see more pictures of those here and here.


  1. Love the pleated skirt a lot!


  2. have those leather leggings and love them! Too bad they're too big!