Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Jacket: c/o Tailor & Stylist, Tee: Target (similar), Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Purse: R&J Handbags, Ring: HelloFab

This is not a post about The Bachelor hometown visits and which ladies got one and which did not.
Although, I will admit that I am totally watching The Bachelor as I type this.
Not even embarrassed about that.

I went home to my parent's house the other week while Ian was on a business trip.
Ever since we moved to Portland, I've never really missed my hometown. 
Of course I missed the people I left behind down there, but that's about it. 
I think it's because I've always felt like a "big city" kinda girl and the town I grew up in is... well... not.
To be completely honest, the previous visits I've had just made me miss Portland more and happy that I moved away.
BUT, after this last visit (maybe it's because I have my own kid??) I just feel really blessed to have grown up where I did.
As I coasted through town (seriously the lowest speed limits ever there...) I just couldn't stop my nostalgia! 
And on top of that, I was sad to leave. 
Those few days really helped me realize that it is good to love where I'm at in life, but it's also ok to appreciate where I come from.

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P.P.S. Isn't this jacket I'm wearing adorable? It's like the moto jackets that are trending, but less stiff. 


  1. haha, totally thought you were talking The Bach.
    ((guilty pleasure))

    love this look!

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  2. Those pants! Love them! I am putting your button for your blog on my sidebar today-so much easier to find the blogs I love that way :)

    XO, Kelsey

  3. those pants are amazing!


  4. love your shoes -- so adorable! xo


  5. Sounds like you had a great trip. Sometimes it is fun to go back "home" and reminisce. Can't believe those amazing pants are Forever 21....that print is gorgeous!


  6. I moved around as a military brat...hoping my baby girl is more settled and can relate to a hometown

  7. Those pants are fabulous! You look great!

    Style Diary

  8. Love your pants! Is it just me or is Forever 21 doing it right lately? Usually it's hit or miss when I walk in there but the other day I literally loved almost everything I looked at. Thank goodness I only had 20 minutes to find a pleather jacket and leave!


  9. These pants are amazing on you Sarah! I adore that luxurious looking print :) I too grew up in a small town, but love the pace of the city. Though, it can get too busy in the big town sometimes and then I'm always happy to come home again :) Much like you! x

  10. Awesome pants! So fun and different!

  11. You look great. I really like your pants. :)


  12. I was the same way when we moved from Corvallis up here, 10 1/2 years ago. And once we had kids, I felt really nostalgic and thankful too to have come from there. It's weird now that my kids are getting older, because I find myself actually missing the smaller town! Life is fully of seasons I guess! (Oh man, those slow speed limits us to make me nuts!! :)) Your jacket is really cute!

  13. love the jacket!! and the little ring is amazingly cute :D

  14. Love your jacket! I completely agree with you about the hometown thing ;)

  15. After growing up in a small town I moved to Portland for 6 years... After 6 years in the city I realized I am not a city girl. I missed the stars, and the quiet!! We just moved back to my hometown and its amazing how much I appreciate it now! No sirens, you can see the stars, it's actually dark out! So crazy how much I took for granted growing up here, but I feel like I needed that time away to appreciate where I came from and grow into who I am supposed to be. Not to mention I met my husband while living in the city. Meant to be! :)

  16. I couldn't agree more. I love going back and visiting the suburb where I grew up! And love your jacket.
    xo Josie

  17. LOVE this whole outfit! Simply adorable. All of it. The cap toe shoes and patterned pants!
    -Bree @ aBree Fashion

  18. love your outfit! can't wait to catch up your blog posts i missed. xoxo

  19. Sarah,

    I grew up in Corvallis too and I know exactly what you mean. I moved away for college when I was 18 and I thought Id honestly never miss it. I haven't lived in Corvallis for almost 10 years and my husband and I have been in Portland for 5. I go back now and I get the same nostalgic feelings about where I grew up and I sometimes miss that small home town feel and hope I can provide that same thing for my kids some day.

    But for now, I LOOOOOOOVE Portland and living in a small big city with all its quirks.

    PS, you are way more daring with pants than I am. I dont think I could EVER pull those off like you are.

    Once Upon The Hill

  20. Love this jacket/pants combo! I've been thinking a bit differently about my hometown too as I get older and start to think about having a family. It is great to appreciate where you came from... and not feel too uncool if you end up back there, like I might :)

  21. How cute are those pants and that bag!

    Tiff Ima

  22. Those pants are perfection! Love this outfit in its full!

    Karen Kane Giveaway!

  23. Love these pants...and your shoes...such a cute look!


  24. I love this daring outfit with the structured jacket and geometric print pants! Thank you so much for so styling our jacket!