Tuesday, February 19, 2013

my signature pose.

So... after snapping thousands of pictures of myself, I start to notice some things. About me.
In particular, I notice specifics about my posing.
I used to be super uncomfs in front of the camera when Ian would take my pictures in public, but now it's just normal. Except sometimes I still feel like I don't know how to move/pose in front of the lens. 
This is where Ian's direction comes in.
He always tells me to face him but look over one of his shoulders for my close-ups. Resulting in HUNDREDS of pictures like this:

Sometimes I throw a little arm action in for some more dimension, like this:

Or some jacket-play:

Or sometimes my limbs are cut off and we're left with a headshot of me looking off into the distance with a face full of wonder.

I don't necessarily think this pose looks bad, so expect to see more. It's just a little redundant is all.
BUT, I will claim this as my signature close-up pose because I'm noticing a new signature pose for my full-bodies.

The art is in the bend of the back leg. Displaying the back of one shoe while facing forward with the other. I'll give you a couple more examples to study my techniques.

I mean, how else would you know the height or style of heel I'm wearing? I do this for you, peoples!
Just kiding kinda! 

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  1. Hehe, cute post!

    i like your poses.

  2. Too cute!


  3. ha. i do the same thing i guess we all have our "signature" poses :)

  4. Love the poses! I know what you mean though, sometimes I seriously run out of poses and I feel like I'm doing the same ones over again.

  5. Ha! I've definitely noticed myself doing the same thing, although for me it's usually ankles crossed, looking off to one side. Why not? If you figure out what poses you like you always have something to fall back on!


  6. Haha posing is so weird :) My husband is useless with manual focus so I always end up taking pictures on my own with a tripod and self-timer. Suuuuper awkward (especially when the garbage man pulls up and whistles at you while you are in the midst of a pose....)

  7. haha, hey no worries, everyone needs their signature look, pose, etc!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  8. Haha I love that Ian directs you on your poses for the camera! Future photographer side job maybe? ;)

  9. You look lovely!! I love all these different outfits :-) Your hair and makeup always looks great

    XO Jenna

  10. At least you're willing to pose for the camera (and you always look great!). The only way I've been able to put pictures of myself or my outfits on my blog is if I camouflage it as just a normal posed picture with my husband or friends. Maybe someday I'll go solo in front of the camera - that is if my husband is willing to my photographer :)


  11. haha, love it.
    aaaand, helped me - thx for the posing tips :)

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  12. Always gorgeous! My poses are always the same. I feel comfortable doing them-so hey! Why not : )

  13. Hahaha this is hilarious but awesome! Whatever works I say! I think I need to work on a few 'signature poses' to fall back on when I'm feeling awkward :)


  14. haha...cute post. But you don't look bad girl.

  15. Hahah I love your signature pose! Particularly the bend the leg behind the other pose lol

  16. Hahah I love this. I realized my signature pose was touching my hair. And that really bothered me. But your signature poses are so cute!!!

  17. haha I definitely have a "go to" pose.

    TIff Ima
    Style Honestly

  18. you look so pretty in all these poses :)

  19. I wish Nathan was good at taking pictures of me like Ian is. Im sure if I handed Nathan the camera he would take the blurriest/terrible angles. Selfies it is!

    Once Upon The Hill

  20. So funny! You've got your poses down! I'm not sure I will ever feel comfortable in front of a camera.