Thursday, February 21, 2013

the boring parts of my life.

I have to include my signature pose

Turban: c/o JustLiv, Necklace: BCF (similar), Jeans: f21, Boots: thrifted Hunters

I like to think of myself as a really exciting and interesting person. 
Because I'm totally not. SHOCKER, I know.
And because my life consists of rather ordinary tasks, I try to switch things up a bit to keep life saucy.
For instance, there are about three surrounding Target stores. And although my neighborhood Target is literally 0.3 miles from my house, I sometimes go the the one 4 miles away. Or if I'm in the mood for a country drive, I'll visit the Target that is 11 miles away. 
So much excitement, right?!
Get this: I also go backwards in the grocery store every 1/3ish times! It's pathetic how much more enjoyable grocery shopping is when you go backwards... 

P.S. You can win a turban like this (but black) in my current giveaway from all my sponsors! And don't forget copycat friday is tomorrow! 


  1. I kind of love that turban on you -- so fun! xo

  2. i LOVE the turban and this whole outfit! oh i miss the days when i had three targets within less than 15 miles... since we moved more "in the country", the targets are about 15-20 mins away now /: bahahaha but i so understand what you mean about the boring parts... life can be so silly sometimes, right?

  3. You look very nice with the turban!

  4. hahahaha, this just made me laugh out loud.
    switching up Targets/backwards grocery shopping...
    the THRILL!!

    :) heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  5. Haha! Sarah, you just described my life!! You have to switch it up like that when you have a little one. . .and it's winter. Love this outfit! :)

  6. I think most of us live a boring life ;) You're adorable though, and I absolutely love that turban! And your boots...I've been dying for my own pair! xoxo

  7. Okay. Love the second picture! You look gorgeous! My life is the definition of boring. All the time. haha. Which is why my blog is just so lackluster!

    XO, Kelsey

  8. I too am decidedly boring -- it's cool. I looove that sweater; it just looks so cozy!
    xo Josie

  9. hahah I'm totally boring too. And I dont even try to change it up. love the turban! I'm currently rocking one too.

  10. Cute pic!

  11. that turban is fantastic beyond belief!

  12. I love the turban! I like that it's unique to you and your blog and that it's not just another copy of another trend! You're rocking it!!


  13. hehe too funny! Sounds like my life!! P.S. YOU ROCK A TURBAN LIKE NO OTHER!!!

  14. ha.ha. maybe I'll bump into you at one of those Targets someday:-) seriously. story of my life.

  15. I love the turban, and I'm all for going backwards in the grocery store :-)