Monday, December 23, 2013

The Windiest Day of my Life.

This post is quite delayed since this day happened about one month ago... but it was such a funny/windy/cold day that I happened to take a ton of pics of, so I thought I'd share them here in case you are bored the day before Christmas Eve... anybody?

We planned to meet our friends, the Wickhams, at Multnomah Falls but we were running early and they were running late which is pretty much devastating when you have a baby and you've planned everything around his happy time lol. Waiting in the car was a non-option so we took a U-turn and headed to the Vista House. Ian had heard of it and I had never, but with almost an hour to spare I was feeling quite adventurous lol. We zig-zagged up this narrow road until finally we reached the end, which was also the Vista House-- a house with doors that don't open, I later learned. We hopped out of the car to get some cute pics and fresh air and immediately the wind knocked us right over! I exaggerate not, those must've been at least 50mph winds! They blew the car door shut on me when I was getting Greyer out of his car seat! There was this funny moment where we were all running towards the house for shelter and I couldn't breathe, Greyer was half-crying with his eyebrows all a mess, and was just laughing because he's like that. Lit'rally though, when facing anywhere but the opposite direction of that wind, I couldn't breathe!!! Do you know what I mean?! Like the gusts were so strong they blew into me like I was drowning in really fast air! Poor Greyer. He and I ran right back to the car and I was convinced it was gonna blow right off the cliff because it was rocking back and forth so hard!

^^SO windy!

^^No seriously...

^^All for this.

^^Ian loving life (as usual), Greyer hating life.

^^Telling me about what had just happened. Laughter and hand motions were involved.

^^Proof that we did make it to the falls. 

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  1. It looks like the falls were worth it, maybe :)