Thursday, January 31, 2013


My goal for today is to catch up on all your comments!
I also have lots of fun posts planned for tomorrow and next week including my hair curling tutorial and a baby style post.
I will also be sorting through my closet for some gems you might be interested in buying since I've had bad luck with consignment stores and some of you seemed interested.
My life is so thrilling these days ; )

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

dressing up.

 Necklace: BCF, Chambray: thrifted (similar), Pants: Target (similar), Shoes: Tahari, Sweater: Urban Outfitters

I know this doesn't seem like the most practical outfit for a mom, and I suppose it isn't ideal for tasks like grocery shopping and going for walks, but this is something I wore to church.
Lately, I've been loving the pointed heels and these are surprisingly comfs.
As the girly-girl I am, I look for any excuse to dress up.
Even as a mom.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

consignment stores.

Necklace: BCF, Jacket: f21 (similar), shirt: thrifted, jeans: f21, shoes: Urban outfitters, bracelets: f21, watch: ASOS

I have a love/hate relationship with consignment stores. But mostly hate.
In theory, the idea makes sense: sell your gently used clothes for cash or store credit instead of just throwing them in a garbage bag and dropping off at Goodwill. 
The problem is ***if*** they decide to buy your clothes, they only give you a small percentage of what they will sell them for. 
I took a bunch of baby stuff (all brand new) to our local consignment store. She wanted all of it. 
She gave me my new ID number so that I could check my store credit balance online (their only option, I would have preferred a cash-out option). 
Knowing that all that stuff was worth well over a hunny, I was expecting at least $20 from the deal. And you know what I saw on my account? $12.61
That will probably buy me one used baby sweater if I ever go back there because their prices are jacked--which is the other problem I have with consignment stores...
I am also convinced that the items they choose not to sell still end up on the racks.
Or in the employees closets since you permitted unwanted items to be "donated".
Is there anyone in the Portland area that has had a positive experience with consignment stores? 
Which ones please thanks.

Monday, January 28, 2013

proud mom moment.

The fact that my son rolls over in this video seems pretty insignificant compared to the reaction I have about the whole thing.


If they had a "Most Enthusiastic Mom" award, I hope I'd win for that performance.

sponsor spotlight!

Top-o-the-Monday to ya everybody!
Today I'm going to introduce you to a sweet blogger friend and sponsor of Frills.
Her name is Carisa and I think you'll really like her.

Hey there, I'm carisa. I am an accountant by day and a fashion blogger by night! I blog over at Bunnies and Pearls about my "everyday life" with my highschool sweetheart-now- husband and my adorable bunny, Cotton. I also blog about my "everyday style", which includes my outfits for work or the weekend! Drop by and say hi!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

featured copycatter!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month's CopyCat Friday! 
I loved all of your looks!
Because I have an obsession with the PLLs, I had to choose Ashley's look which was copied from an outfit worn by Aria on the actual show.
Lurve it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

CopyCats Week 15.

Welcome to CopyCat Friday, everyone!
If you are new around here read about the linkup and post your photos within the next 5 days or join us again next month! 

Back when I was pregnant and unable to buckle, button, or zip anything--especially high-waisted pencil skirts-- I snapped this photo from a J. Crew catalogue with the very intention to copycat it one day. Wells, that day has arrived.

As you can see, the poor girl's legs are cut off so poor me was left to guess on shoes.
I opted for my f21 toe-cap heels again since there was a similar pair in the catalogue and since I just love them so much.

Also as you can see, there is a little white fuzz ball on the bottom right of my skirt that made it in all of these pictures without Ian or I noticing.... #momlyfe.

Since you've all been asking (ok, more like 2 of you have asked), I will be posting a vid tutorial on how I curl my hair soon.

* Copy and paste the code below in your CopyCat post:

FrillsforThrills CopyCats
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* I will be choosing one of you to feature over the weekend.
* Link up here:

simply livly.

Sunglasses: Valentino c/o Sunglasses Shop, Necklace: c/o Simply Livly, Vest, turtleneck, boots: thrifted, Leggings: Ross.

First of all, can you guys believe that I thrifted this horse print vest? 
It's a little too big for me so I want to take it in a bit, but for some reason I just had to wear it with this necklace and couldn't wait to wear them together. 
Anyway, I know I just did two serious posts and don't usually just write about what I'm wearing but I wanted to tell you about this beautiful etsy shop, where I got my necklace, called Simply Livly
Pam is so talented and makes all of the necklaces herself. 
Make sure you check out her store


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

three sponsor giveaways!

Once again, my sponsors have amazed me with their generosity.
They are all giving away some amazing prizes that I wish I could win myself.
Good luck to you!

Carissa is giving away an ASOS gift card! I'm already jealous of whoever wins this one!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Erin is giving away this beautiful wall-hanging jewelry holder!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Michelle blogs about her world travels and has over 800 followers! She is giving away a large ad space.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My fingies are crossed for you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

today i am older.

collared shirt: target thrifted, sweater: target, leggings:, converse: jcpenney

***Thank you so much for all your feedback on yesterday's post. I was both encouraged and discouraged to hear that so many of you have dealt with mean girls on some level. I am excited to work together to better cycle!***

Today I stop being 22 and start being 23. 
I used to love getting older (ages 1-15), and then I didn't (ages 16-22), but now I do again. 
I remember a class discussion back in college about age. About why Americans view aging as a bad thing. 
Why don't we consider wrinkles beautiful indicators of experience and wisdom?
Why do we ignore our grandparents and put them in nursing homes instead of take them in and care for them? *There is nothing wrong with nursing homes, I'm just comparing to other cultures that take their parents/grandparents in with them when they need care.
I'm not exactly sure of the answer to my questions, but after having experienced a lot of life for a 23 year old, I must say that our culture has it totally twisted.
Not only is it selfish and immature to never want to grow up, when in fact you are a grown up, I have to say you are missing out!
I am talking to no one in particular. 
And in a lot of ways I'm talking to the old me.
Ian is a college pastor, so we interact with a lot of young people. 
They are all so inspiring and full of life, but many of them are scared to commit to and walk through the  very life their heart desires! 
For reasons like money, uncertainty, or for no reason at all they keep postponing what will truly bring them to life. Whether that be a job, a move, or a relationship, commitment is too scary. Too risky.
Well, back to moi...
Let me tell you that the greatest things in life are the ones worth working for, waiting for, risking for, and committing to.
In the last four years (ages 18-22) I have experienced some grown up things.
Marrying my best friend, moving to one of our favorite cities, buying a house, and becoming a mom.
These were the years I didn't want to get older, but the years I grew up the most.
Anyway, back to my original point:
Getting old is more fun than staying young forever.
The end.

Disclaimer: It is not my intention to appear judgmental! In fact, it is the opposite! I want to encourage you that even though sometimes it's hard and scary to grow up and take that first big step, life really does get better and better. Sure there are more hardships and the more you love the more risk you have of hurt, but it. Is. Worth. It.

P.S. CopyCat Friday is this week! Link-up here on the 25th!

Monday, January 21, 2013

love each other.

 Hat: H&M, Blazer: The Limited thrifted, Locket: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Kohl's, Bracelets&Shoes: f21

Mean girls.
You know some?
The girls you know are there but never acknowledge you. And when they finally surface they say some snarky one-liner behind the security and anonymity of their computer screen or cell phone.
There are a few ladies (#shoutouts!) that pop up around this here blog about once a year to correct, criticize, or judge me in the comments.
I always wonder why they keep coming back when they seem to dislike me/what I have to say so much.

We've all been a victim of that girl and we've all been that girl--whether past or present, to her face or under your breath, we're embarrassed to admit it but it's true, isn't it?

What is it inside of us that makes us think we lose something by promoting another woman?
Why are we nosy but uninvolved? 
Why does it pain us to see someone else be happy and to be happy for her?
And why is our natural defense mechanism to fight back when we feel victimized? 
Both equally venomous to the soul.

My mom always told me:
"Never hold back a kind word." 
"Always stay your sweet self." (her words, not mine. Aww...) and
"Kill 'em with kindness!"

Easier said than done because when you're the victim of a mean girl, your flesh turns you into one too! 

I know this post is random and jumbly, but to be honest, this post comes from my past experience as a  "victim" and wondering why I have such a hard time getting over it. 
Am I a fourteen year-old little girl that cares too much what people think of her? 
Sometimes I guess I am.
And I know you have moments like that too, which is why I'm hoping that we can begin to see each other as sisters. As teammates. 
Not as intimidation or competition.

Will you join me in my new years resolution to champion each other's beauty, creativity, and happiness? To encourage one another in times of insecurity and uncertainty?
I think we will all benefit from being both givers and receivers of kind words.

*P.S. CopyCat Friday is this week!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

saturday faves.

Just spreading the word about some favorite bloggers (also sponsors of mine)!

I'm a sucker for patterns lately, and I just loved this dress Sara was wearing in one of her latest posts:

Erin is always trying new things while staying "office appropriate". I love this navy and gold combo! 

Michelle is documenting her world travels over on her blog and she has the funniest humor! 
She caught this couple making out on the train right in front of her... read more here.

Sara is another new favorite of mine. I feel like her style is exactly what I wish mine was. You know, if I wasn't a mom that wears baggy tees most days...

Check 'em out!

Friday, January 18, 2013

laundry & lazy dayz.

leg warmers c/o Sassy Legs!

Ian has been working lots and lots these days. 
Which means I spend most/all of my time with Greyer. 
Mama likes.
The truth around here is that I get peed on, pooped on, and/or puked on at least once a day. 
I am also still nursing about 6-8 times a day so functional clothing (ie. hand-me-downs from husband) are my best friend.
I do try to get dressed in something presentable at some point before Ian gets home, but some days it just doesn't happen. 
Can we talk a minute about laundry duties once you become a mom?
I'm now averaging 1-2 loads a day when I used to do about one load every other week. 
I usually let the washed clothes lay in the laundry basket for a few days, wondering as I pass by if they will be folded before they are worn and soiled again. 
Probs not cuz that's just how we do.
Gosh oh gosh.
My other new best friends are leg warmers.
These leg warmers.
Cozy for baby and convenient for diaper changes, need I say more?
If you live in a cool climate and have a baby I highly recommend getting a few pairs. 
They also don't soil as quickly since there is zero contact with diaper/mouth which means less laundry for mom.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

comfort food.

 Striped blouse: thrifted, sweater: Target, Jeans: f21, Boots: BCF

I can't believe I thrifted this blouse two years ago, peeps! 
I am seeing similar striped blouses everywhere these days (american apparel, urban outfitters, and H&M) and smirk a little knowing that I paid about 10% of the price.
And do I get bonus points for being ahead of the times??? 
Or does it just mean that I've been wearing this striped blouse out of style until now? 
Probably that one... dizzang!
Anyway, not to go on and on about my outfit or anything (but kinda) but you should all get one of these blouses because it is the perfect item for layering! Stripes are easy for pattern mixing and the classic black and white never hurt anyone. 
ALSO, since we are still talking about my blouse, you should also know that I wore it up to eight months of being pregnant. The vertical stripes are always slimming and it's about 3 sizes too big for me. 
So there's that.

And since we're on the topic of me needing bigger clothes, I thought I'd take this moment to get your feedback on why we call comfort food "comfort" food when in fact it makes me feel quite UNcomfortable in more than one place...
Anybody? Anybody? 
I had a bad day yesterday (eating-wise).
I finally had a chance to use the cute orange waffle maker my mom got me and since I over-filled the trays and batter went everywhere the first time, I was left to press about eight more batches with the correct amount which meant lotsa leftovas. Which meant me eating all of them the next day (yesterday).
I was in no bad mood, clinging to food to solve all my problems. It was just there. In a bag. On my counter. Staring at me. So I did it. BUT I would admit that carbs are my comfort food. As opposed to a tub of ice cream or something...
So, back to my orig Q.
Why do we call them comfort foods?!