Thursday, January 2, 2014

Being Away from Baby...

Photo by Bethany Small

If you're a regular reader around Frills, you've probably noticed by now that Ian and I take a lot of getaways that don't include baby. Actually, the only vacations I can think of that Greyer was a part of was last Christmas in Palm Springs and Whistler with my in-laws. But between and since those two trips, Ian and I have been away from Greyer at least six other times all more than two nights. There are a few good reasons we choose not to take him along with us the majority of the time, and since my parents practically beg to watch him for us that makes it more doable ; )

I briefly mentioned in a previous post that after Thanksgiving with my family, we decided to leave Greyer with my parents for a few days (7 to be exact) because we had a packed week that would've involved three nights of babysitters and endless errands with mama. Anyway, because of the timing on a few things, Ian and I had to cut down our Christmas tree alone and although it would've been near impossible with a wobbly one-year-old it still felt wrong doing that without him : ( I set up our holiday decor without my little buddy "helping" me and although I was able to do it much faster than usual, it still felt wrong. I went Christmas shopping with no one in my back seat and even though I got to run 4 places at one time, it still felt wrong...

It's the nostalgia of the holidays, I presume. Where you just want to be cuddly with all your loved ones. And when your littlest loved one is gone it all just feels weird!

Sure Ian and I enjoyed some time with each other, but by day five we were bored and ended up in bed early one night just singing along to One Direction music videos.

I hope you all had a happy holiday season with loved ones : ) Happy New Year!

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  1. awwwwww you are so adorable! This post literally made me go Awwww Aww Awww!