I’m Sarah. 

Husband’s Ian. 

Baby’s Greyer. 

Dog's Gunner. 

If you stay for any length of time you’ll learn:
We love Jesus, but try not to be freaks about it.
We live in Portland, but actually the suburbs.

I love wearing high-waisted clothing, especially since I'm a mom.
I enjoy being a pastor’s wife, but it’s really hard sometimes.
I'm obsessed with my son, but I hated being pregnant.
I love people, but I almost always prefer being alone.
I’m really honest, but sometimes that gets me in trouble.
I’m a deep thinker, but don’t take myself too seriously.
I'm kind of high-strung, but have a husband that tells me when I'm being unreasonable.
I love TV, mostly the reality kind.

Why “Frills for Thrills”? Because you can!
Why not spend an extra five in front of the mirror if it’ll impress your husband?
Why not maintain a clean and comfortable home to rest in?
Why not dress in something that makes you feel better about yourself?
I celebrate beauty and believe God does too.
So if for no reason at all, add some frills for the thrills.